December 4 - 6, 2019

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc

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8183 Wiggins Street
Burnaby , BC V3N 0C4
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Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc

Garibaldi Glass has over 50 years of glass manufacturing experience and is recognized around the world as a leading producer of yacht-quality marine window glass, interior & exterior glazing and frameless shower enclosures.

Products & Services


Unitrex XS Max Wear

Unitrex XS Max Wear is a parallel cored rope of UHMWPE, wrapped with a Neoprene tape and over braided with a tough jacket of high tenacity polyester. The result is a synthetic cable, somewhat stiffer than your usual rope, which is much like wire in its stretch characteristics. Unlike wire, it is much lighter and easily handled. Due to its toughness we are comfortable assigning it a higher working load rating which is 25% of its breaking strength. Unitrex XS Max Wear has high strength retention in service which is supported by field studies and our long standing track record with Uniline polyester. Unitrex's tough rubber layer protects its high modulus core and the outer jacket is saturated with Urethane making it the toughest UHMPE rope you can buy. All Yale's parallel core ropes are torque free, with bonded cores preventing contamination of the internal strength member. Unitrex XS can be quickly terminated and/ or joined with a TechEye² or TechJoin²


Ultrex is a 12-strand single braid of 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMPE) fiber enhanced with Yale's Maxijacket HP coating supplying superior abrasion resistance. Ultrex's braid angles and twist level are designed to optimize break strength and keep stretch low. UHMPE is the most forgiving high modulus fiber giving better bend over sheave cycling capabilities than other high tech fibers. Ultrex has zero water absorption and maintains its flexibility even in freezing conditions. As is the case for all Yale ropes the strengths shown in the charts are for spliced ropes, and the splice technique for Ultrex is very easily mastered.


Fortis² Heavy-Lift Sling multipart slings are made with our Unitrex XS Max Wear synthetic cable that has a core of UHMWPE fiber encased with neoprene and a tough braided jacket of high tenacity polyester. The result is a heavy lift sling of Unitrex XS that has the durability and stiffness of a wire rope sling at a fraction of the weight. 80% lighter than a comparable wire rope slingStiff enough to push under objectsMore durable than traditional fiber slingsOne person able to lift eye to crane hookEasy to inspect for damageWill not corrode or rustWill not soak up water or freeze

Lugger Line

Lugger Line is a 12-strand single braid of copolymer olefins. Polypropylene and high- density polyethylene are co-extruded to form the fiber. Upon cooling, the molten poly-ethylene and polypropylene material coalesce into a unique fiber with tenacity comparable to polyester but without the friction associated with polypropylene filament. The rope is lightweight, floats, and remains flexible even in freezing conditions, and it won't kink or hockle.  Splicing is fast using our single-braid splice instructions. Standard color is international orange.

Double Esterlon

Double Esterlon is a double braided rope constructed of high tenacity polyester fiber, which has a unique cordage finish. This yarn with an average strength of 9.2 grams per denier, along with Yale's careful attention to converting machinery setup, and the yarns extraordinary lubricity, yields the highest strength double braid polyester available. Double Esterlon has low stretch, high strength, excellent wear life, dielectric strength and is completely spliceable delivering the cataloged strengths when spliced properly. It is identified by two green strands braided into the cover structure, and is available with optional Maxijacket urethane coating to further enhance the ropes wear resistance.


YaleGrips are used as pulling and stopping grips for electrical-line construction work above and below ground, for deployment and retrieval of a variety of cables, as marine stoppers on hawsers, and for temporary or permanent strain relief. YaleGrips are applied quickly over a wide range of cable diameters without specialized tools. YaleGrips are non-corrosive, have good dielectric properties, and are compact and lightweight. Installed, the grip remains flexible and does less damage to mating surfaces than other types of grips. YaleGrips are far stronger than wire mesh grips and do not form dangerous "fishhooks," as do wire mesh grips, making them safer to handle.YaleGrips may be used for temporary or permanent eyes, both in mid span or on the end. 

Shark Byte 8

Shark Byte 8 is the newest addition to the first synthetic rope ever designed from the ground up to resist fish bite damage. Shark Byte 8 is available as an 8 Plait construction to match existing mooring line systems. This product was designed to have a higher specific gravity to insure that it is a sinking rope and it was designed to be a less expensive alternative to Shark Byte 12 strand. It is currently in final development and is planned to be offered in two versions.Shark Byte 8 is a composite of copolymer olefins and of polyester.Version EC13D Shark Byte 8 adds Vectran to improve the bite resistance. All versions of Shark Byte are easy to splice and entirely torque free.


The Yale Cordage ZipGrip is a patent pending system to allow the installation of a pulling or hold-back eye on various cylindrical or nearly cylindrical substrates.  These units were primarily developed for use in the offshore pipe lay and umbilical installation and maintenance arena.  These units are custom designed to the specific pipe or umbilical diameter and load requirements.  Standard products are made with Technora Aramid fiber which is high in strength, low stretch, heat resistant, and lightweight. The ZipGrip is quick and easy to install at any point along the pipeline, and can be temporary or permanent.  Pat. Pend. 14/893,583 PCT/US2015/041139

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