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Fluoramics, Inc.

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902 E. 2nd Street
Suite 326
Winona , MN 55987
United States
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Fluoramics, Inc.

Fluoramics has provided premier PTFE rust-stopping products, lubricants, and sealants to the marine and workboat industries for over 50 years. All of the products use a proprietary dispersion of PTFE which is engineered to provide superb lubrication, more robust surface film management to prevent rust, and longer lasting protection against leaks and corrosion.

HinderRUST, available in three versions, prevents flash rust and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Its unique wetting & lubricating capabilities allow HinderRUST to soak deep into joints, crevasses, and wire ropes. It is a perfect maintenance item for stopping corrosion until permanent repair can be made.

Tufoil Technology lubricants improve fuel efficiency, reduce friction, decrease engine wear and tear, and keep moving parts moving freely.

Formula-8 Paste and LOX-8 Paste and Grease are engineered sealants for use with bottled gases as they are oxygen-safe and impervious to harsh chemicals. Providing excellent performance as a lubricant and sealant, LOX-8 withstands both extreme temperatures and high pressure.

Fluoramics’ products are solvent-free, non-flammable, and low-VOC, making them ideal for all uses, including those in enclosed areas.

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HinderRUST is a solvent-free all-in-one rust stopping, rust inhibiting, and lubricating product that aggressively wets and spreads across any surface applied, even wire rope. Available in three versions, HinderRUST provides protection in both indoor and outdoor situations.Version R2.0 "The Rust Protector" provides temporary surface protection for metal parts that need protection after fabrication or during storage and transportation. It is removable by washing to allow for final finishing.S4.0 "The Rust Stopper" is a self-repairing rust protector and lubricant that aggressively adheres to the surface and actively spreads into deep corners, cracks, and crevasses.HV100 "The Rust Shield" is a high viscosity formula that slowly polymerizes into a thickened coating that provides extreme and lasting protection against rust in even the most severe weather conditions and environments.

Tufoil for Engines

Diesel engines are expensive to run and costly to repair. With Tufoil Engine Treatment, engines run efficiently, need fewer repairs, use less gas and last a whole lot longer.Tufoil Engine Treatment is based on Fluoramics' patented Tufoil Technology. Add it to your clean oil during an oil change to make the engine start easier, run cooler, produce more horsepower, and improve gas mileage.Tufoil Engine Treatment should also be used in machinery. It reduces wear, noise, vibration, and friction while improving production and cutting downtime. It reduces operating oil temperatures, lowers starting torque, and extends oil-drain intervals.


LOX-8 Paste and Grease are PTFE thread sealants and greases highly recommended for use in situations where oxygen or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present.They are the products of choice in applications where critical safety and resistance to aggressive chemicals are primary requirements. LOX-8 withstands both extreme temperatures and high pressure. They are oxygen-compatible, anti-galling, anti-seizing, non-flammable, odorless, non-toxic, non-migrating and easy to apply.LOX-8 Paste and Grease are certified by both NASA (ASTM G72) and BAM.LOX-8 Paste applications typically include oxygen and chlorine systems, cryogenics, medical equipment, welding, nitrous oxide systems, and stainless steel anti-galling situations.LOX-8 Grease applications include oxygen service bearings, valves, o-rings, pumps, and regulators.

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