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Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc

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4480 Halls Mill Rd., Suite B
Mobile , AL 36693
United States
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Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc

Firetrol Protection Systems is a leading fire protection and life safety company, providing the highest quality design, fabrication, and installation services for a wide variety of automatic fire suppression and alarm and detection systems. Our trained and experienced professionals have the technical expertise to ensure that each project is professionally engineered and installed to meet today’s stringent codes and specifications. Firetrol proudly offers service worldwide for all marine fire suppression and alarm and detection systems.

Products & Services


Design & Installation

Firetrol Protection Systems' qualified and experienced in-house engineers, designers and technicians have the expertise to ensure your fire protection and life safety systems are state-of-the-art and cost efficient. And designed to meet or exceed current code requirements.

Alarm & Detection

Firetrol Protection Systems has the technical expertise and resources to design, install and service life safety system upgrades, expansions and new constructions in a range of facilities, including: Vessels of all size, Oil Platforms, Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Government Complexes, Industrial Plants, and Military Facilities. 

Fire Suppression

Firetrol Protection Systems' Experienced team of engineers, project managers and technicians is committed to providing the best design, installation, and maintenance services in the industry. We offer a comprehensive range of fire suppression systems, including: Sprinkler Systems of all types, Water Mist Suppression Systems, Special Hazard Suppression Systems (Chemical and Gaseous), Foam Suppression Systems, Fire Monitors and Fire Extinguishers.  

Repair, Service & Inspection

Firetrol Protection Systems offers scheduled and emergency repair, inspection and maintenance services for fire protection and life safety systems on a 24-hour, 365 days a year basis.


FiretrolProtection Systems proudly installs, commissions and services Sea-Firesuppression systems and fire detection systems. Sea-Fire is a global leader inthe design and manufacture of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systemsfor the marine and pleasure craft industry. Sea-Fire fire suppression systemsand related products are recognized worldwide for their advanced technology,innovative design, and quality of manufacture. They are designed to providecost effective fire protection solutions to protect intellectual property,critical mission facilities, high value assets, offshore installations andmachinery spaces with clean agents that are environmentally responsible, fast,effective, and safe for people. 


From ships of any kind to support craft, from oil platforms to luxuryyachts, NOTIFIER by Honeywell’s ONYX Marine series fire alarm systemsdeliver superior life safety protection for your marine applications.For premier personnel and asset protection look to NOTIFIER for amarine solution that exceeds regulatory and insurance requirements.ONYX Marine panels have advanced NOTIFIER features required forthe demanding operating environments of ships and oil platforms.With FLASHSCAN protocol Marine ONYX panels communicate rapidlywith hundreds of intelligent sensors and notification devices, respondingto your emergency within seconds of detection.


Minimax provides complete stationary and mobile fire protection solutions, from riskanalysis and technical design through installation. We look after the approvalof the components, submission of documents to classification societies andacceptance of the systems during commissioning on your ship.Minimax provides a customized fire protection concept and the perfectcombination of individual systems. Products offered includes: Fire Detection Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Systems, Water-Based Local Application Systems, Minifog Marine XP Sprinkler Systems, Minifog Marine XP Total-Flooding Systems, Deck Foam Systems, Powder Extinguishing Systems, Gas Extinguishing Systems, Galley Protection and Mobile Fire Protection.


Fike Video Analytics Oil Mist Detection utilizes video from standard network cameras to visually detect oil mist/spray and smoke in early stages and provides alarm with live video feeds to the engine control room, bridge or anywhere else onboard.-Incorporates detection algorithms for oil mist/spray, smoke, flame, reflected light and motion.-Algorithms, used independently or on combination, can be configured with detection/blocking zones, sensitivities, time delays, etc., to reduce false alarms and target specific areas for detection.-Few cameras can cover a wide area, or complex environments typical of engine rooms.-Recorded video for post-incident analysis or feed to security CCTV systems.

Boat Building Supplies

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  • Tank Gauging & Alarm Systems

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

Electrical Systems & Components

  • Alarms, Security Systems

Safety / Survival

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