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Fireboy-Xintex LLC

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O-379 Lake Michigan Drive NW
Grand Rapids , MI 49534
United States
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Fireboy-Xintex LLC

Fireboy-Xintex manufacturers USCG and ABS Type Approved Clean Agent Fire Suppression and Fire Detection Systems. We use HFC-227ea clean agent and 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid in our systems.

Our full line includes systems for small military and patrol boats up to offshore supply vessels, tug boats, push boats and large Navy ships. We supply systems ranging from 25 to 17,500 cu. ft.

For over 45 years Fireboy-Xintex has been recognized as the innovator of marine on-board clean agent fire suppression systems. Our network of Fire Protection Distributors, as well as our in house engineering / design departments, will work with you from project inception to the final installation processes.

Our Elite RSM Addressable Fire Detection System is USCG Type Approved.

Our Syncro ASM Addressable Fire Detection System is IMO/SOLAS Type Approved.

We also manufacture the Elite CPM, a Conventional Fire Detection Systems for smaller workboats.

Additional Fireboy-Xintex products include Gas Detection Systems, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Products & Services


Elite RSM Addressable Fire Detection Systems

The Fireboy-Xintex RSM Fire Detection System, features a fully addressable system, capable of handling up to 256 devices. Featuring 2 Loops, Back-up Battery Power, a full line of smoke and heat detectors, signaling horns and strobes, manual call stations, all USCG Type Approved equipment. The Elite RSM uses Apollo protocol detectors, which feature smart card bases.  Adds convenience to both system installations, as well as any field required replacements.  

Syncro ASM Addressable Fire Detection Systems

The Syncro ASM is a fully addressable system designed for IMO/SOLAS vessels.

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