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FarSounder Inc

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151 Lavan Street
Warwick , RI 02888
United States
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FarSounder Inc

As the world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of forward looking sonar [FLS] systems, FarSounder’s 3D FLS provides real-time imagery of what’s beneath of the waters ahead. These systems give mariners the security of safely navigating through challenging waters and promptly being alerted when objects are approaching from up to 1000 meters ahead. Our state-of-the-art security products detect hazards, shallow bottoms, and a variety of moving underwater obstacles regardless of the water clarity.
Radar, depth sounders, ECDIS, and electronics charts with GPS are missing an important piece of information: What is under the water in front of my ship right now? The FarSounder navigation and obstacle avoidance systems provide this missing piece of the puzzle. Your charts don’t know what has changed on the ocean floor; your radar can’t see through water; and your depth sounder only looks down. Now you can look ahead and explore with confidence with FarSounder.
FarSounder sonar systems now include a new innovative technology called Local History Mapping (LHM)™. In addition to the real-time sonar, this new capability builds a 3D map of the seafloor as you sail. This map is updated with every ping and is displayed as an overlay on top of your chart. When used together with the real-time sonar overlay, you can quickly see what lies ahead and what you’ve recently passed over.

Products & Services


FarSounder-1000 and FarSounder-500 Navigation Systems

FarSounder's navigation systems are the only products capable ofgenerating a true,3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel atnavigationally significant ranges. We've worked hard to develop aneasy to understand user interface.Nothing is more clear than a real-time picture of what isunderwater ahead of you.Situational awareness is key to safe navigation. FarSounder paintsa clear picture by displaying 3D forward looking sonar data on top ofa nautical chart. Our software includes chart plotting usingJeppesen's C-Map™ vector charts. Our systems have now beenintegrated into the Transas Navi-Sailor 4000™.Our chart overlay includes the sea floor below and ahead of thevessel as well as objects in the water.The FarSounder-1000 is the company's flagship navigation and obstacle avoidance system. 

Ship Protection Systems

FarSounder security products see underwater threats regardless ofthe water's clarity. Attached to the hull, there is nothing todeploy. When a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving thesystem; allowing you to focus on your next move. Sophisticated algorithms automatically detect, track and classifypossible underwater threats. We've also built in easy to use analysistools to allow quick human verification of the automated alerts. When a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving thesystem; allowing you to focus on your next move. No moving partsmeans easy integration into the hull without complicated maintenanceheadaches. Plus without a hydraulic hoist, you won't need to give upvaluable space inside the vessel.Our installation design is suitable for vessels with or without abulb on both refit and new-builds.

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