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Eureka Chemical Company

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234 Lawrence Avenue
S San Francisco , CA 94080
United States
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Eureka Chemical Company

Manufacturers of the Fluid Film product line of corrosion preventives and lubricants for over 50 years. Unique lanolin based products containing no solvent content. Fluid Film provides long term corrosion protection for all metals and superior lubrication for moving parts. Fluid Film resists water wash off, does not dry out, harden or crack. Advantages / minimum surface preparation, stops existing rust, ease of application, economical, non toxic and non hazardous. Ideal areas of use are; ballast & void tanks – inside rudders – chain lockers – wire rope – winches – cranes – open gears – pontoons- electric connections – equipment and any metal surface subjected to corrosive marine atmospheres. Fluid Film is available in liquid, gel, and grease forms. Application is made by airless spray, brush, roller or floatation. Fluid Film penetrates to the base metal and can be applied over existing rust or even used as a descaler on heavily corroded surfaces. Fluid Film, nothing protects longer.

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Fluid Film(R) - The Perfect Answer to Control Corrosion in Boating

Fluid Film(R) - The Perfect Answer to Control Corrosion in BoatingSalt water corrosion is an ongoing and expensive problem for the avid boating enthusiast, and there are numerous products on the market that claim to stop corrosion. There is, however, only one that stands up to the test. Fluid Film has been tested, time and time again, by Government agencies and outside testing facilities to determine its effectiveness in a salt water atmosphere. Fluid Film will protect all metals; including aluminum, chrome, brass, magnesium and steel, from the destructive effects of salt water, and will also protect against galvanic corrosion, the meeting of two dissimilar metals. Preserve and protect your boat, equipment and trailer from the destructive effects of salt water corrosion by using Fluid Film. The leader in corrosion control.Some fields of application:Battery Terminals: Fluid Film is non-conductive, so after you clean around the battery terminals make your connections, and then spray with Fluid Film. The non-drying characteristics of Fluid Film will provide long term protection in this application.Boat Trailers: Apply to all electrical connections for lighting system, suspension leaf springs and spring hangers, hull rollers (bearings or bushings), hitch coupling connections, ball hitch, height Adjustors, winch, any exposed metal.CablesChainsChannelsDrive-line (transmission shifter) Electronic Equipment: Fluid Film is non-conductive, and will not harm electrical connections. Make sure that connections are made before applying Fluid Film. Will protect both the fuse block and the end connectors. Fishing gear: Lightly coat to protect from salt spray. Use Fluid Film to lubricate screws, bearings, cogs, drag washers and use as a protective coating.GearsGuidesHingesLeversLocks: Spray small amount of Fluid Film in lock. Will not freeze, making cold weather applications especially desirable, providing long-term lubrication.Nuts & BoltsPulleysRollersSail SlidesStanchionsSteering

Fluid Film

Fluid Film

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