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ERL Commercial Marine, Inc

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PO Box 1026
New Albany , IN 47151-1026
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ERL Commercial Marine, Inc

ERL has been guided by old fashioned values and today’s best technology. We are old fashioned when it comes to product quality, service and integrity in dealing with our clients, and high tech in regards to design engineering, testing and manufacturing methods. ERL designs products for Gauging, Overfill, Venting, Barge Pumps, and everyday Marine essentials.

Products & Services


Cargo Valve Position Indicator

Cargo Valve Position IndicatorERL's valve position indicator satisfies 46 CFR 56.20-9(a), which requires an indicating device on non-rising stem valves. Not only does our Cargo Valve Position Indicator satisfy a legal requirement, it can help you to prevent costly damage to equipment and possible overfill cargo spills.


HandwheelsERL's Heavy Duty Handwheels feature a stainless steel hub and spokes surrounded by a solid 1" diameter rolled carbon steel ring. ERL's standard hub has a 1" square broached hole that is a full 1-1/2" thick for extra strength.

ERL Level Alert Model II

ERL Level Alert Model II is a High Level/Overfill Liquid Level Sensor that is US Coast Guard accepted and satisfies the requirements of 46 CFR 39.20-9 (b).  Stainless steel linear slide floats actuate the liquid level switches.  The High Level switch actuates (opens) when the cargo compartment is 95% full.  Susequently the Overfill switch actuates (opens) when the cargo compartment is 98% full.       With the Level Alert Model II Liquid Level Sensor connected to the loading dock's alarm/shutdown system and/of to barge mounted alarm annunciator panel, the risk of overfill spills are significantly reduced.

APM-2F Fixed Alarm Panel

APM-2F Fixed Alarm Panel The APM-2F panel utilizes STAHL Model 9251/02 dual channel intrinsically safe repeater relays, which are UL, FM and CSA approved for intrinsically safe connection in Class I, II and III, Division 1 and 2, groups A-G annunciator panel with the normally closed reed switches, which are located in a hazardous location. The UL approved independently operating reed switches are float activated to open at 95% of tank capacity representing HIGH LEVEL ALARM condition and at approximately 98% of tank capacity representing OVERFILL ALARM condition. Each cargo tank is fitted with the aforementioned sensors (switches). Outwardly, the panel annunciator contains light layout and audible alarms for both High Level and Overfill and have a continuously rated sound level of 105 D.B. at 1 meter. An on/off rotary switch with power "on" light, battery condition voltmeter and red low power warning light are also located on the front of the panel. The unit is powered by (2) 12V marine batteries. The batteries charge is maintained by a unit mounted 95 watt solar panel. The unit features a full bypass mode should battery power be unavailable.

Reach Rods

Reach RodsERL Reach Rods are all manufactured from 300 series, corrosion resistant, stainless steel for extended service life under all conditions. Full length Reach Rods can be provided, as well as, the easier to install, coupled upper and lower Reach Rods. The Handwheel adapter can be machined integral to the Reach Rod or you can use one of ERL's Stem Adapters if you are looking for the ultimate in installation flexibility. Refer to the drawings above and the Ordering Information Table below when ordering. Take care to preserve the reach rods smooth finish in way of the stuffing box.

Rod To Rod Coupler

Rod To Rod CouplerERL Rod-to-Rod Couplings are machined from solid stainless steel bar stock (series 300) to ensure a smooth fit with the Reach Rod's outside diameter. Standard Couplings are 6" long and are drilled in four places to accept .375" dia. Grade 8 bolts. The Reach Rod is matched drilled at assembly to the Coupling's bolt pattern. The Coupling can also be welded to the Reach Rod on either or both ends, if desired. ERL Cast Brass Shaft Hangers provide support to long reach rods. Simply specify reach rod diameter when ordering.

Stem Adapters

Stem AdaptersERL stainless steel Stem Adapters are easy to use and they save you money. Class III threads and CNC machining quality insure both good fit and the ability to easily remove the handwheel without heat or destructive force. Simply weld or bolt the Stem Adapter, which has been machined to perfectly fit your handwheel, to an un-machined stainless steel bar stock for a perfect economical reach rod everytime!

Stuffing Box

Stuffing Box ERL's SUPER SEAL™ Reach Rod Stuffing Box is completely constructed of 300 series stainless steel. Produced on computer controlled machines to accurately control dimensional quality, the body of the stuffing box is a massive 5" diameter to prevent deformation of the bore from the heat of welding during installation.


YokesMachined to easily fit your Reach Rod and Cargo Valve stem. When ordering, provide the Reach Rod diameter and the Valve Stem mounting dimensions as called out with the letters "A", "B" and "C" in the above drawing.

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