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Environmental Marine Inc

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711 Colyer Rd
Ste C
Bronston , KY 42518
United States
Booth #638

Environmental Marine Inc

Environmental Marine, Inc. manufactures Type II marine sanitation devices, ”MSD” for the workboat and pleasure boat industry. All are U.S. Coast Guard and I.M.O. certified. Constructed of HD Polyethylene they are corrosion free, light weight, and easy to install. The system operates as a biological aerobic sewage treatment system while also eliminating foul odors. Conforms to the clean water act. System sizes include, 4, 12, 16, and 32 person.

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MSD Automatic discharge pump

110 volt automatic discharge pump for below waterline applications.

Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)

THE MSD Type II Marine Sanitation Device is a biological aerobic (bacteria and air) sewage treatment system. Liquid and solid wastes are removed from the water by bacteria naturally contained in sewage.THE MSD consists of three treatment stages; aeration, clarification, and disinfection. In the aeration chamber (stage 1), the bacteria grow and multiply using the sewage as their food supply. This action reduces the quantity and size of the solid matter. In the clarification chamber (stage 2), the bacterial floc is separated from the treated solid matter. The treated water is clear and free from solids, however, the liquid must be disinfected prior to discharge overboard to kill any disease-causing bacteria. Disinfection is accomplished in the clarification chamber (stage 3).

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