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Engine Mobile OE Division of Parker Hannifin

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Engine Mobile OE Division of Parker Hannifin

Parker Racor is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium fuel, oil and air filtration systems, replacement components and parts. With over 45 years of industry experience and a commitment to innovation, Parker Racor is the premier provider of filtration solutions to the Workboat industry.

Products & Services


Marine Air Filter/Silencer

Marine Air Filter/SilencerThe Marine Air Filter removes contaminants introduced into the air from both outside and inside the vessel. Sand, salt, carpet fibers, and other contaminants are trapped in the oil-impregnated Vaporbloc filter media. In addition, the unique silencer housing design reduces turbo noise.

Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Series

CCV SeriesThe CCV filter systems provide superior oil coalescence and crankcase pressure control under the most severe conditions. They reduce oil consumption by separating the oil from crankcase gases and returning the oil to the sump. CCV systems eliminate crankcase emissions and provide a cleaner engine environment.

FBO High Flow Marine Filter Assemblies

FBO High Flow Marine Filter AssembliesFBO assemblies are specifically designed to meet tough refueling conditions and provide ease of filter change-outs.FBO filter systems have three filter options to meet various requirements: particulate filter, coalescer/separator filter, or water absorber filter.Steel filter bowl assembly, a manual vent valve and a manual drain valve help provide ease of service. 

Fuel Filter Primer Pump Kit

Fuel Filter Primer Pump KitThe RKP1912 and RKP1924 are kits that can be retrofitted to many of the Racor 1000 or 900 series fuel filters already in service. The kit is designed to offer improved ease of maintenance for the user. The kit is a preassembled system which includes all the components ready for easy installation. It is manufactured with premium materials installed into a die cast and powder painted housing.The Filter/Pump is an innovative and proprietary system consisting of a pre-screen filter, a flow bypass circuit and a roller cell pump powered by a 12VDC brushed motor or a 24VDC brushless motor. When the switch is activated the fuel is drawn into the pre-screen and then pumped through the housing refilling the unit with fuel. When not in use the Filter/Pump system is bypassed and the Racor fuel filter/water separator functions normally. A cross-over priming tube kit for the Racor duplex and triplex filter systems is under development. This will allow one Racor Filter/Pump to prime the other filter or filters in a manifold system such as a 751000MAX for example.

Turbine Series Fuel Filter Water Separator

Turbine SeriesWhen engines demand heavy-duty, high-capacity water separation and fuel filtration, the Turbine Series is the most complete, efficient, and reliable engine protection. Duplex units offer peace-of-mind, having a clean filter in reserve. A simple turn of a valve puts a clean filter back on-line. Turbine Series is paired with genuine Aquabloc filter media. Aquabloc filters out tiny particles of dirt and algae from diesel fuel. 

Turbine Series Fuel Filter Elements

Turbine Series fuel filter elements are equipped with Aquabloc filter media. Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums, and varnishes, Aquabloc filters out tiny particles of dirt and algae from diesel fuel.

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