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Electronic Power Design Inc

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15200 I-45 North
Houston , TX 77090
United States
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Electronic Power Design Inc

EPD is an Electrical Systems Integrator providing electrical controls for a wide variety of industrial applications including the marine, drilling, mining, petrochemical, steel, paper, plastics, dredging, and solar & wind energy sectors. We provide a full range of equipment and services with an emphasis on total automation and systems integration.  Our first class engineering and management personnel provide our customers with competitive prices and a comprehensive service.  We provide IEC or NEMA/ANSI equipment for a worldwide market in either low or medium voltage. We operate internationally and have a new 250,000 sq. ft facility in Houston. With over 25 years of extensive experience, an outstanding track record and worldwide support, you can trust EPD to deliver service on-time, within budget and to the highest possible standard. EPD can fulfill your requirements with an emphasis on customization and maximize end-user profitability while taking an integrated systems approach.

Products & Services



Available for the first time: one-time use, weldable forged lifting padeyes that are engineered and certified to meet all BTH-1 classes and divisions. In stock, ready to ship. Available in 6 sizes from 1/2 ton to 6-1/2 ton capacities.

Screw Clamps

A Screw Clamp replaces temporary weld-on attachments such as padeyes and eliminates scars and burrs. Suitable for use in fitting and positioning bulkheads, frames, and more in shipbuilding applications. Used in conjunction with ratchets, come-alongs, and turnbuckles. Available in many styles and capacities.


Magnetically held press with all aluminum construction for downward pressure on stiffeners in shipbuilding. Uses 2 Maglogix switchable magnets with over 3,000 lbs breakaway strength each and a maintenance-free mechanical tensioning system. The patented Stif-Jak will afford you time savings of up to 95%.


The updated patented Mag-Pry is a strong, easy to use magnetic pry bar for material leveling and alignment also known as mismatch or high/low. Eliminates the need for welded tabs. Easy on/off actuation of the Maglogix MX-750 magnet provides high breakaway forces on thin plate materials.

Bulkhead Brace Clamp

Used to hold up bulkheads, walls and other structures during construction. Using any combination of 3 optional end mounts, you can easily hold, spin Brace Bar to adjust in place, then weld or use other permanent method to secure workpiece before removing Bulkhead Brace Clamp. Not to be used for lifting.PART: BB-84 (Standard 84” Brace Bar with 2 Yoke Ends and 2 Jam Nuts - Brace Bar lengths up to 10’ available)Optional End MountsPART: TRex-38 (Clamp for 3”-8” wide Ts)PART: FUGX-H-1-BN (Magnet)PART: PMB-BN-1-1 Pacman Clamp

Bigfoot Material Leveler

Used for material leveling and alignment also known as mismatch or high/low. The Bigfoot is built to maximize point loading of the magnets and create equal loads on each end with single knob control. Numerous designs tested to failure before final design was consistently achieving 2,500 lbs. of force. Can also be used with impact tools.Features:• 2 XBAM-L-1000​​​​​​​ 1,100 lb magnets• Pivoting assembly centers load for maximum press• Effortless and ergonomic lever activation of magnet• TiN coated, hardened steel magnetic surface


A Har-Bach Marketing, Inc. product, the Pathfinder in-process optical seam tracking with TH6x paves the way towards a perfect welding seam. Components and seams are recorded using a combination of laser lines and optical cameras, allowing the course of the welding seam to be corrected in real-time no matter the height or material. TH6i, with its added grayscale camera, can also track zero gap seams up to 0.02mm in width.A light pattern comprising three parallel laser lines is projected onto the component surface according to the principle of laser triangulation. At the same time, the seam shape at the joint is scanned by a digital camera. The laser lines are interrupted at the joint due to the inclined projection of approximately 20° and thus mark the seam point on the joint line.


Coming soon....a magnetic mounted cold saw to cut temporary attachments off flush with the plate. Reduce the need for excsesive grinding and hot work.

Vacuum Boxes

Used for leak testing in building of ships, barges, tanks, or any seal weld application. Multiple designs for use in flat areas, corners, curves and +/- 90° joints. Double-sided gasket design ensures a good seal during vacuum test. Vacuum pumps available​ or compressed air source can be used.

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