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Electronic Marine Systems Inc. (EMS MARCON)

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800 Ferndale Place
Rahway , NJ 07065
United States
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Electronic Marine Systems Inc. (EMS MARCON)

Manufacturer of ACCU Vessel Automation, Control Systems Consoles and Tank gauging for 40 years. We specialize in total system engineered solutions for the most demanding applications for use on board Military and Commercial Vessels and barges around world. We take it from design to regualtory submittals and approvals. Our shipboard automation technology with remote diagnostcs is the most advanced of it’s kind. Our modular console designs make it the last component installed in the space. Our Radar tank gauging solutions consistently receive the highest accolades from customers for ease of use, accuracy and reliability. Our solid state high level and overfill sensors and pneumatic bubbliers are the sensors of choice for ships and barges around the world. We have offices throughout the US. Please stop in to discuss your requirements.

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SEA SWITCH IIThe Sea Switch Two was designed and patented for all tank applications. The Sea Switch Two offers a reliable solution for liquid level detection, control for cargo, ballast, and storage tanks, without any moving parts.The Sea Switch Two uses a fully static system that is based on the propagation of an acoustic wave into a metallic rod. A piezo-electric sensing element produces a wave along the rod.As the liquid reaches the sensing element the oscillation stops and the alarm is activated.The Sea Switch Two sensor detects high, high-high, or low level in any liquid with an alarm output given by a dry contact or current loop change 6-18mA.Self-test built-in Fully static system - no moving parts Easy installation No calibration needed The Sea Switch Two can be installed either horizontally or vertically.Options: On deck displays Pump shutdown


THE BALLASTUse one sensor for all shipboard liquid levels.This technology has been designed specifically for surviving the rigors of ballast tank continuous monitoring. It weighs less than 2 oz. and is constructed from 100% pure titanium. - It's the size of your thumb - Accuracy .25% of full scale - 100% Titanium - Weighs less than 2 oz. - ABS/USCG/Lloyds approved - FM Class 1, Div. 1 Intrinsically Safe - Removal without tank entry - No mercury or other contaminants - Interfaces to your existing monitoring system - One sensor for all shipboards liquids: fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, black water, etc. - Generic 4-20mA output - Used in 15,000 tanks worldwide Options: - Tank management software with Rates of Fill and Time to Fill or empty - Readouts in gallons, bbls, tons, ullage, etc. - Can include temperature - Big Blue compatible - EMS Automated Draft, Trim and Heel system compatible - Various tank display technology

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