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East Park Radiator & Battery Shop, Inc.

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PO Box 850
Bourg , LA 70343
United States
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East Park Radiator & Battery Shop, Inc.

East Park Radiator & Battery Shop, Inc. manufactures DURAWELD keel coolers for new constructions, re-powers and as replacements for damaged keel coolers. In addition, we manufacture large tube & shell heat exchangers as direct replacements for existing coolers. We not only manufacture but we clean and repair keel coolers and heat exchangers to be returned to service.

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Custom Fabricated Oil Coolers

90/10 Copper-Nickel Tubes Naval Brass Tubesheets And Baffles Rolled Construction Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel Housing And End Bonnets Carbon Steel Parts – Sandblasted And Subsea Coated Each Unit Equipped With Cathodic Protection Deliveries On Large Heat Exchangers As Quickly As 1 Week Heat Exchangers Custom Built To Original Specifications. No Piping Changes Necessary.

Duraweld Keel Cooler

Welded Construction For Dependability & Durability Seamless 90/10 Copper-Nickel Rectangular Tubes - With 0.070” Wall Thickness - Exceptional Heat Transfer Properties - Excellent Corrosion/Erosion Resistance To The Effects Of Sea Water - Exceptional Anti-Fouling Capabilities - Increased Anti-Fouling Capabilities Many Models Available -Interchangeable With The Competition Each Unit Equipped With Cathodic Protection -Before Delivery; Each Unit Is Assembled, Pressure Tested And Hydrostatically Tested Full Scale Heat Transfer Dynamometer Continued Research, Design And Testing Of Keel Coolers Example: Flange Mounted Keel Coolers Are In Full Production. Redesigned manifold to improve water flow and pressure drops Full Line Of Replacement Parts In StockServices: 24 Hour Emergency Delivery Upon Request (Subject To Prior Sale) Clean & Repair Of All Makes And Models Of Keel Coolers.

In Shop Service

In Shop Service  


Sales *      Detroit Diesel     Standard core constructed with brass tubes, copper fins, and brass headers.     Available options:     Copon coated core – an epoxy coating applied to extend the life of the core in harsh environments. (An additional 10% over cost of standard radiator)     Solder coated core – added after the core is constructed to extend the life of the core in harsh environments. Increases the core life 1-1/2 to 2 times that of a standard core. (An additional 20% over cost of standard radiator)     Galvanized steel parts – extends the life of the radiator’s steel mounting parts.     (An additional 20% over cost of solder coated core radiator)   *       Ford Industrial

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