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E-Crane International USA

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E-Crane International USA

E-Crane International USA provides engineering, marketing and technical support for present and future E-Cranes in North & South America. The E-Crane is the world’s most advanced equilibrium crane. It is designed to move more material further, faster, more efficiently and economically than conventional cranes.

Products & Services


1000 Series E-Crane®

1000 Series E-Crane®Since 2007, 3 E-Cranes (1000 Series, Model 7382, on gantry) have been working simultaneously at the Ugine & ALZ Carinox site in Charleroi, Belgium, where a 24/24 – 7/7 hour operation of the scrap yard is required to satisfy the melt shop’s scrap requirements. The E-Cranes are unloading barges and railcars, as well as stockpiling and feeding the 150 m3 scrap baskets.

1500 Series E-Crane®

1500 Series E-Crane®E-Crane® recently delivered a Mid-stream transfer station for Seaboard Corporation (US), for their Midema (Minoterie de Matadi, flour mill) Ship Unloading Project in Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo. In Matadi, the farthest inland harbour on the Congo River, Seaboard was faced with major port congestion problems and outdated neglected port infrastructure. After carefully reviewing all options (such as investing in the existing infrastructure, building a new quay, …), a floating transloading station proved to be the quickest, most flexible and cost-effective solution. This E-Crane® transloading station consists of a 1000m2 barge equipped with a 1500B Series Model 9359 E-Crane® with reach of 39,5 meters and lift capacity of 13,5 tons.

2000 Series E-Crane®

2000 Series E-Crane®A 2000 Series, Model 21382 E-Crane® with a 30yd3 bucket and an outreach of 38.2 metres has been offloading Panamax-size vessels in Point Tupper, Canada since the end of 2005.

3000 Series E-Crane®

3000 Series E-Crane®When you build and install very big equipment world-wide like E-Crane® does, you get involved in some of the largest and most complicated erection projects. Our E-Crane® engineers develop transport and erection procedures that consider the full range of site constraints and we design comprehensive plans to erect our cranes in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The E-Crane® project for the new coal unloader at the Crystal River power station (Tampa, Florida) was a typical example of such a complex and complicated transport and erection process. The manufacturing and the initial shop assembly and testing were done in Belgium. When it came to transporting and erecting this 3000 Series Model 26317 E-Crane® weighing over 400 tons and towering to a height of more than 30 meters (100 ft) our E-Crane® engineers were challenged… Time to come up with some creative solutions!

700 Series E-Crane®

700 Series E-Crane®The 700 Series, Model 4264, pedestal mounted E-Crane® with 26 metres (86 feet) outreach and 7 tons lift capacity has been operative at the Abdul Monem Sugar Refinery in Bangladesh since the end of 2006.

E-Crane® barge unloading equipment

E-Crane® barge unloading equipmentThis 2000 Series, 18264 Model E-Crane®, on pedestal, has been unloading barges with coal since 2002.

E-Crane® bulk handling equipment

E-Crane® bulk handling equipmentE-Crane Worldwide designs and builds custom made bulk material handlers.   The 5th E-Crane® for AEP by E-Crane International USA was recently installed at the Kanawha River Plant. From its perch atop a newly-constructed river cell, the E-Crane® uses its large capacity bucket to move coal from barges to the plant's coal yard.

E-Crane® equilibrium cranes

E-Crane® equilibrium cranesThe E-Crane® is a high performance hydraulic scrap and bulk material handling crane based on the equilibrium principle. E-Crane® allows you to move material further, faster, more efficient and economical. The E-Crane® series offers models with up to 50 tons duty cycle capacity due to their movable counterweight and fixed parallelogram linkage as well as up to 150ft/50m of horizontal and up to 100ft/30m reach below grade. Its modular design allows each E-Crane® to be tailor made to the client’s specific requirements.

E-Crane® scrap handling equipment

E-Crane® scrap handling equipmentE-Crane® is the world leader for large scrap handling machines with an outreach from 24 to 45 meters.  River Metals Recycling believes in protecting the environment. With this goal in mind, a 1000 Series, Model 7317B rail mounted E-Crane® with 104’ reach and 15 tons lift capacity was selected to feed the world’s largest shear in Louisville Kentucky.

E-Crane's floating bulk handling terminals

E-Crane's floating bulk handling terminalsE-Crane's floating bulk handling terminals: well suited for both port operations (ship-to-shore) as well as midstream transfer (barge-to-ship and ship-to-barge).

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