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Duramax Marine LLC

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17990 Great Lakes Parkway
Hiram , OH 44234
United States
Booth #2001

Duramax Marine LLC

Duramax Marine is a leader in the manufacture and supply of highly innovative and technically advanced water lubricated bearings, shaft seal systems, heat exchanger systems and vessel and dock fendering systems.
• Johnson Cutless® water lubricated bearings offer the longest system wear life for any stern tube and strut bearing. We are a trusted supplier of bearings to the United States Navy and Coast Guard. More professionals trust Johnson Cutless®

• Duramax Marine offers 4 types of heat exchange systems available to meet your engine cooling needs. We custom design and engineer the DuraCooler® keel cooler, Duramax BoxCooler, Johnson® Demountable tube keel cooler and PHE. Our craftsmanship is superior and our systems often last the lifetime of the vessel.

• Drymax Stern Tube Seal System – Is a water lubricated seal that provides optimal sealing in both brown and blue water. For shafts 3.5″ – 36″

• NEW! Drymax Rudder Seal System – A robust sealing option for rudder stocks from 3.5″-36″ diameter.

• Johnson Heavy-Duty Stuffing Boxes are available in designs and sizes from 3-36”. They are available with Air, Water and grease service.

• Ultra-X® packing can turn any stuffing box into a hi-tech shaft seal solution

• DuraBlue® Composite Rudder Bushings and Stern tube bearings are self-lubricated and easy to install

Products & Services


DuraBlue® Composite Rudder Bushing

DuraBlue is a pollution-free, self-lubricating rudder bushing designed to outperform traditional bushing materials. DuraBlue proprietary composite matrix is exceptionally wear resistant with extremely long wear life and high load capacity. DuraBlue has ultra-low friction and eliminates stick slip.Used for rudder stocks, pintles and steering gear bushings, it is an alternative to bronze, brass, nylon and other urethane based materials.DuraBlue is dimensionally stable and has a very low thermal coefficient of expansion in high and low temperature environments. Unlike polyurethane rudder bushings, DuraBlue experiences negligible swelling in water and remains stable in chemical solutions.Lightweight, tolerant to load edging and misalignments, Duramax DuraBlue Composite Rudder Bushings are easy to machine and install. Available in outside diameters 1" - 42" (2.5 - 107cm).

DuraCooler® SuprStak™

DuraCooler® SuprStak™ with TurboTunnel Design is and engineered, double-stacked, hull mounted cooler that “jets” turbulent seawater in a tunnel-like configuration between its top tubes and lower tube assemblies. Design innovations were made to optimize turbulence and greatly increase flow velocity of seawater over the cooler by using state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling techniques. Tested and validated in a full scale water tunnel.DuraCooler® SuprStak™ is the high-performance answer to meet ever increasing cooling requirements using half the hull space. It is available in a one-piece braised or two-piece modular design for easier handling.

Boat Building Supplies

  • Bearings
  • Boat Building Materials
  • Cooling Systems
  • Sterntube Seals

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Buoys / Floats / Fenders

Propulsion / Power

  • Engines
  • Heat Exchangers
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