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Engineering leader of innovative products for the global marine industry with the largest worldwide sales and service network. Products include air conditioning, ship-wide ventilation, refrigeration, air purification, water purification, and sanitation.

Compact, modular, and shell-and-tube chillers are customized for up to 2.4 million BTUs of climate control. Embedded networking provides remote interaction via Internet. Breathe Easy Air Purifier works silently within ducting to make air cleaner and healthier.

Dometic ship-wide ventilation systems include axial fans, centrifugal blowers, smoke and fire dampers, mist-eliminating grilles, and electronic fan controls.

Sea Xchange watermakers convert seawater into freshwater, and Spot Zero water purification provides spot-free washing with no chamois-drying.

VacuFlush, MasterFlush, and RushFlush toilet technologies provide sanitation options.

Dometic Marine is an innovator and trend setter for people enjoying a comfortable mobile lifestyle.

Products & Services


Modular Titan Series Chillers

The Dometic Titan line of modular chillers have titanium condensers, which resist corrosion and erosion for much longer service life than industry-standard cupronickel condensers.Dometic modular chillers range from 16,000 to 396,000 BTUs. For larger capacities, modular chillers can be staged in custom configurations for up to 2.4 million BTUs (200 tons).

Dometic Sea Xchange CX Commercial-Grade Watermaker

The Dometic Sea Xchange CX Commercial-Grade Watermaker provides from 8,000 to 40,000 GPD of fresh water. It has a commercial-duty powder-coated frame, 316SS boost pump with washdown duty motor, 316SS high-pressure ceramic plunger pump, 316SS high-pressure piping and tubing, and is a fully automatic system with commercial-grade color touchscreen for easy operation.

Ship-Wide Ventilation Products

Dometic ship-wide ventilation systems protect and cool marine machinery spaces with a complete line of smoke and fire dampers, mist-eliminating grilles, commercial-grade fans and blowers, and digital and manual controls.All materials used in construction are marine grade and built to withstand harsh marine environments. Dometic specializes in custom components and integrated systems.

Chilled Water Air Handlers

Dometic air handlers are available in a wide range of BTU capacities and space-saving configurations.These air handlers have high-efficiency, high-velocity blowers. Upgrade to brushless WhisperCool (DC) blowers, which are extremely quiet but powerful enough to overcome high-static-pressure duct.Configurations are available to fit any installation space, and use vibration-isolation mounting systems to minimize noise.The Dometic Gold air handler includes many innovations, including a built-in Breathe Easy air purification system.

Emerald Series Split-System Air Conditioning

Dometic's water-cooled split-gas air conditioning systems are the most durable and energy-efficient for marine use.The Emerald series condensers are engineered for flexible installation and easy access for maintenance, and work efficiently with the Emerald TurboVap evaporating units.The Emerald condenser has a rust-free composite drain pan, and a square chassis for easy installation in tight spaces. Vibration-isolation mounting hardware ensures quiet operation.The Emerald TurboVap evaporating unit is smaller and more powerful, and has increased air flow compared to previous models. Its rust-free composite drain pan has positive-flow channels to rapidly eliminate any standing water.The Emerald series condenser is available in 11 capacities ranging from 6,000 to 72,000 BTUs. The Emerald TurboVap evaporator is available in 6 capacities ranging from 4,000 to 16,000 BTUs.

Turbo Series Self-Contained Air Conditioning

Dometic's Turbo self-contained air conditioning system is powerful and compact, making it ideal for installation under a bunk or bench or in a locker or closet, yet powerful enough to be ducted to two or more areas.The Turbo is engineered for the cooling or heating of confined interior spaces, or as auxiliary units to cool an engine room, electronics storage, or other areas.The Turbo has a rust-free composite drain pan, rapid condensate removal, vibration-isolation mounting hardware, and an optional sound shield that reduces compressor noise up to 50%.The Turbo is available in 5 capacities ranging from 6,000 to 16,000 BTUs.

CRX Series 3-in-1 Built-In Refrigerator/Freezer

The Dometic CRX built-in refrigerator features a patented removable full-width freezer compartment that transforms the unit into a larger-capacity refrigerator-only or freezer-only appliance. As a freezer it can reach temperatures as low as 17°F/-8°C.Its speed-controlled compressor is more efficient and reduces noise. A large fan overcomes high ambient temperatures, and it features a high-performance tube and fin condenser.Inside, there is bright LED illumination and an easy-to-reach flat electronic control panel that does not intrude into food storage space.The CRX is available in 3 sizes from 1.6 to 2.8 cu. ft. capacities.

Breathe Easy In-Duct Air Purifier

Dometic's award-winning Breathe Easy In-Duct air purifiers use innovative photocatalytic nano-mesh technology and non-ozone-producing ultraviolet (UV) light to stop onboard odors and enhance air quality.The Breathe Easy reduces up to 98% of volatile compounds and up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, mold, and pollen.The Breathe Easy works silently within the A/C duct and does not significantly decrease air flow velocity. Sizes are available for all common duct diameters.

RushFlush Toilet Systems

For offshore vessels that accommodate high-flow toilet systems, RushFlush marine toilet technology delivers unmatched power, resource efficiency, and ease of installation.RushFlush begins with two hyper-pressurized water lines: One through the upper rim for a bowl clearing rinse and another at the bottom of the bowl to macerate effluent and drive it to the discharge plumbing.The toilet is a luxurious, all-ceramic full-scale fixture for home-like comfort. It is standard height with an elongated seat and deep bowl. The RushFlush uses an electronic flush handle or wall switch activation.Installation is fast, with an easy plug-and-play design. There is a 3/4 full-tank warning option, and a full-tank shutdown option prevents overfilling of the holding tank.

MasterFlush Toilet Systems

Dometic's industry-leading MasterFlush toilet system employs a high-efficiency 18-blade macerator turbine to pulverize waste for no-clog performance.  Holding tank can be installed up to 98 ft/30 m away.The 7100 and 7200 Series MasterFlush toilets with ORBIT base provide a full 360° bowl-to-base rotation for virtually limitless positioning to accommodate small spaces and diverse plumbing layouts. The small footprint fits in tight spaces, and freshwater and raw water flush models are available.

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