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DLS Marine

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DLS Marine

Dufour Laskay & Strouse has served the marine industry providing marine appraisal and surveying services for 50+ years. Our employees have diverse marine related backgrounds enabling us to provide high standards of services and we pursue a vigorous program of education and training. We have the largest concentration of NAMS Certified and ASA Certified Marine Appraisers in the industry. Our technical staff have an average of 20 years experience in maritime work. We have offices in Metairie, LA , Houston TX, Tampa, FL and Norfolk, VA  We are appointed Lloyd’s agents for ports of Houston and New Orleans. We maintain an extensive computer database of over 12,000 vessels valued by our office and have digital access to domestic/international vessel databases.  We maintain an electronic journal in which information pertaining to new construction costs, day rates, repair costs, and actual reported vessel sales are recorded.

Please note that we now do DRONE SURVEYS and AUDIOGAUGING. Our team can also provide comprehensive marine BUSINESS VALUATIONS for companies with substantial marine assets.

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DLS can provide a valuation analysis of vessels or equipment in accordance with the ethical standards of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS). Typical valuations include: Fair Market Value, Condition and Valuation for Insurance Purposes, Orderly Liquidation, Forced Liquidation

Charter Hire Surveys

Charter Hire Surveys DLS can provide the expertise to ascertain the condition of vessels or equipment at the time of an on charter and a subsequent survey at the time of an off charter to determine change of condition, if any, during the charter period.

Damage Surveys

Damage SurveysOur experience can determine the nature and extent of damage to a vessel’s hull and machinery, offshore oil field platforms, docks, dredges, yachts, marine related structures and equipment and vessel cargo.

Loading, Securing, Trip-In-Tow, Trip-Under-Power

DLS can provide expert analysis and approval of cargo and equipment loading and securing arrangements for transit to domestic or international destinations, including heavy-lift cargo and oilfield related equipment.

Project Management

Project ManagementOur expertise can provide assistance in planning, organizing, cost tracking, timeline management, oversight, and follow-up on new construction, conversion, scheduled dry-docking, or emergency repairs on all types of marine and vessel projects.


SalvageDLS has the necessary experience to solicit bids for salvage, and they can monitor salvage operations of sunken or partially sunken vessels, equipment, and yachts.  DLS can also solicit bids for damaged cargoes for disposal on an “as is, where is” competitive or negotiated bid sale basis.

Suitability Inspections

Suitability InspectionsDLS has the expertise to provide inspections of vessels or units of equipment to determine their suitability for a specific task or service. We can provide non-destructive testing of metal thickness with audio gauge machines, and tightness of hatch covers, watertight doors, etc., with our ultrasonic tester.

Walkaround Surveys, Pre and Post Load Inspections, and Safety

Walkaround Surveys, Pre and Post Load Inspections, and SafetyDLS can perform walkaround inspections, pre-load, and post load inspections.  DLS has the expertise to provide written safety procedures and policies for the marine industry.

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