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Desco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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23031 Arroyo Vista
Rancho Santa Margarita , CA 92688
United States
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Desco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Desco is a Quality / Continuous Process Improvement manufacturer of Ergonomic Surface Preparation equipment. Most of our tools are available with Dust Shrouds that, utilized with Desco’s complete line of High Efficiency Pneumatic Industrial vacuums, are capable of being operated in a near dust free environment at levels well below OSHA limits for hazardous material removal.
Structural Steel Contractors, Shipyards and the US Navy are just a few of the industries that have counted on Desco to provide Innovative Solutions to improve their surface prep process through Ergonomics, Safety, Production and overall Savings.
Desco has renewed it’s commitment to continue to lead the market through such Innovation by continuing to develop new products and by building upon the Quality, Service and Performance our customers have grown to expect. At Desco, we want to earn your business through proven performance!

Products & Services



The FX tool, with its multiple interchangeable abrasive hubs, is the most aggressive mid sized tool available today. Utilizing the 3M Rotopeen hub, the FX Tool performs like a hand held controlled shot blast machine, capable of achieving SSPC SP11 cleanliness. The hammer hub performs like a high speed needle gun. The most aggressive hub is the Cutter hub, which is used for removing non-skid and also scarifying concrete.

Mini Flush Plate Scarifier

The Mini Flush Plate system with it's multiple interchangeable hubs, is one of the most versatile tool systems available today. Utilizing the Rotopeen hub the Mini Flushplate performs like a hand-held controlled shot blast machine capable of achieving SSPC SP11 cleanliness and is NAVSEA approved. The hammer hub performs like a high speed needle gun. The cutter hub is the most aggressive and is capable of removeng non-skid and even scarifying concrete.This light weight rotary scaling tool is engineered to perform Dust Free surface preparation on a wide range of surfaces with minimal vacuum requirements. Complies with OSHA and EPA regulations for hazardous coatings removal.


Using the latest technology for vibration suppression, the Model 40 Needle gun system operates virtually motionless. Low vibration and high blow frequency results in less operator fatigue and the reduction of Repetitive Motion Syndrome and increased production. 3-CFM requirement allows this needle gun to operate on a limited air supply.The Model 40 has the ability to be used in a dust free environment utilizing the Flat or Inside Dust Shrouds. Using Deco's Critical Filtration vacuums it can be used to remove hazardous material. 


The Descobrader is an Ergonomic Walk Behind scarifier. The multiple choices of abrasive hubs allow for a variety of applications including producing SSPC SP11. The optional Dust Shroud in conjunction with Desco's Critical Filtered vacuums make it possible to be productive and work in a clean environment The Descobrader is offered in 3 different models, Pneumatic, Gas and Electric. They can be used for removing Rust, Paint, Non-Skid along with our latest innovation Weld prep and Cleaning. This machine was engineered to incorporate an inline positive adjustment leave that allows precise adjustment of the head at the working surface.


 A dust free medium sized sander that's high production. It is offered in Pneumatic and Electric models and can utilize a 4 inch and 4.5 inch backup pads. The 4 inch uses the Roloc backup pad and the 4.5 inch uses a center nut style back up pad for coated abrasives and a Hook & Loop (velcro) style backup pad for conditioning discs. Systems and Kits are available 


The Desco SP90 is an ERGONOMICALLY designed to get the operators off their knees and on their feet for preparing surfaces for welding on stiffeners or cleaning welds prior to paint. This machine is great for removing pre-construction primer. A unique feature of the SP90 is the ability to rotate the motor 0-90 degrees. It can utilize 1" and 2" Bristle hubs.This machine has been a proven all round cost saver!


The Stand Up Scarifier was designed with the same features of the hand held models. It is a much more Ergonomic model. Using the Cutter and Hammer hubs, it can remove paint, non-skid and thick scale and rust. Using the New Innovative Grinding Belt it can be used to grind down welds, weld scars and remove mil scale.


The ERGONOMIC STAND UP Model 40EX needle gun has all the great features of the hand held model with a long handle enabling the operator to use it standing up and not on their knees. This Ergonomic design of LOW VIBRATION and EXTENDED REACH make this needle gun a first choice for hard to reach and vertical applications. Plus, the Low Vibration feature reduces the possibility of Hand Arm Vibration syndrome and boost operators productivity. This tool as with the hand held model is a ALL ROUND COST SAVER!


The Double Edge Web Scaler is a high production machine designed to perform pre-weld preparation on steel plate, I-Beam construction and other ferrous material up to 2" thick. It is designed to clean both top and bottom surfaces at a single pass. It's low vibration design eliminates the fatigue cause from hand grinders.The Double Sided cleaning allows the operator to complete the job in a fraction of the time. 


Desco's Critically Filtered 55 Gallon Horizontal Dual Venturi vacuum allows the operator to conduct surface preparation in a virtually dust free environment. This vacuum and be used with all Desco's shrouded tools. It's muffler system reduces noise to not exceed 80 DBA. It comes with a FOUR stage filtration system. Equipped with HEPA filter provides a containing efficiency of 99.7% @ 0.3 MICRONS.This vacuum is also available with a float ball and cage for WET / DRY applications and comes with a heavy duty dolly cart and also equipped with a dump valve for quick removal of liquid material.

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