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Delta “T” Systems

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858 West 13th Court
Riviera Beach , FL 33404
United States
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Delta “T” Systems

Delta T Systems is the world leader in marine engine room ventilation and moisture elimination with more than 14,000 projects successfully completed around the world. Specializing in engineered ventilation systems and components to provide an ample supply of moisture-free air to the marine engine room for optimal cooling and combustion efficiency. This includes: Fans, Blowers, Fan Controls, Moisture Eliminators, Rated Fire Dampers, Smoke/Fire Closures, and Weather Closures. Delta T Systems also supplies a full line of engineered dry diesel exhaust systems for use on both inland and offshore workboats. Finally, Delta T Systems is your sole source for sales, service and load testing on the full line of Cranston Eagle marine off-load hooks for the launch and recovery of rescue boats and other small craft.

Products & Services


Slimline A-60 Rated Fire Dampers

The new USCG/MED approved Slimline A-60 rated fire damper is now in full production. It is constructed of 316 stainless steel for years of service in both inland and marine vessels. The Slimline fire damper is only 4.25 inches deep and is available in 28 standard sizes up to 46" x 46" for fast turn around times or in custom sizes for specific openings. Each damper comes complete with an electric actuator, and mounted on a separate bracket is a thermoelectric temperature sensor and a test button. Other features include a proprietary locking device, overlapping blades, robust construction and fail-safe operation. The Slimline A-60 fire damper is currently patent pending.

DINAK Dry Exhaust Systems By Delta T Systems

Delta T Systems has teamed up with DINAK from Europe to provide dry diesel exhaust systems to workboat builders in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. DINAK manufactures modular dry exhaust systems with prefabricated and insulated components that simply clamp together for a robust and cost effective alternative to welded steel pipe exhaust systems. The components come in a wide variety of diameters and lengths and are made from 304 or 316 stainless steel for a clean look and years of service in both inland and marine vessels. Delta T Systems will engineer a system for the builder and then supply all of the components including the mounting hardware that is easily assembled by the builder or refit yard without any need for specialized training or knowledge. The DINAK exhaust system is lightweight compared to a standard welded steel system and will save substantial time and money during the installation process.

AC Fans and Blowers

Delta T Systems manufactures a full line of marine grade AC fans and blowers for vessels of every size. Custom fans built to move the required volume and pressure of air for engine room and other applications are available in premium, standard and economy grades in virtually any size and configuration. Fans and blowers are available in single or three phase configurations and feature the finest components available on the market today.

DC Fans and Blowers

Delta T Systems manufactures a complete line of marine grade DC fans and blowers for use in engine rooms and other applications on board workboats of all sizes and types. Most DC fans and blowers feature ignition protected construction and are available in 12 or 24 VDC models. Sealed ball bearing motors, stainless steel shafts, balanced wheels and cages and impact resistant plastic housings and wheels mean years of quiet efficient operation in marine environments.

The Head Vent System

Delta T Systems pioneered the Head Vent System for use to evacuate the heads on vessels of all types. A single remotely located plenum box housing a powerful blower is piped to each of up to four individual heads on board a vessel. When an occupant enters a head, the system turns the blower on and then opens the damper to that head. Stale air is quietly and quickly removed from the head and sent outside of the vessel, and then the system will automatically shut off several minutes after the occupant leaves the head. Motion sensors in each head tell the system which heads are in use and drive the function of the system. Motion sensors may be replaced by simple switches in each head if manual system operation is desired.

Marine Dampers

Delta T Systems manufacturers a full line of marine dampers for applications in engine rooms and elsewhere on board workboats. Standard aluminum round and rectangular dampers are custom made to any size as required by openings or duct configurations. Aluminum dampers are available in mill finished, anodized or powder coated finishes and can be provided with either electric of pneumatic actuation. USCG certified A-60 rated SLIMLINE fire dampers are also available from Delta T Systems in rectangular configurations up to 46" x 46" in size. The SLIMLINE A-60 rated fire dampers are fabricated with 316 stainless steel for years of use in the marine environment. The SLIMLINE line of dampers comes complete with an electric actuator, and mounted on a separate bracket is a thermoelectric temperature sensor and a test button.

Moisture Eliminators

Delta T Systems pioneered the marine moisture eliminator more than twenty five years ago. The moisture eliminator serves to filter water and salt out of the engine room air as it is drawn into the vessel for cooling and combustion. Moisture eliminators are custom made filters that fit into a vessel's rough openings and are engineered as a part of the complete engine room ventilation system on board a vessel. Moisture eliminators are 97 percent effective at filtering water and particulates out of engine room air down to 10 microns in size. Moisture eliminators are available in PVC or in aluminum depending on the application. Aluminum moisture eliminators may be installed in mill finish and painted by the boat builder or they can be supplied with powder coating in any color from Delta T Systems.

Engine Room Ventilation Control Systems

Delta T Systems manufactures a full line of engine room ventilation control systems for both AC and DC applications. Control systems are available in both fully automatic and manual configurations. A fully automatic control system will modulate both intake and exhaust fan speeds in order to keep the engine room at the proper temperature and pressure and feed the vessel's engines with an ample supply of combustion air at all times. Manual control systems are simpler and will allow the operator to select the fan speeds based on his judgement. Delta T Systems' control systems communicate with the engine room's fire detection and suppression system and will shut down all fans and close the fire dampers in the event of a fire in the engine room so that the fire suppression system can effectively perform its function.

Cranston Eagle Marine Off Load Hooks

Delta T Systems is the U.S. Agent for Cranston Eagle marine off load hooks. The Cranston Eagle line of marine hooks has been favored by the U.S. military and commercial sectors for years because of their robust construction and reliable performance. All Cranston Eagle hooks are now made completely of 316 stainless steel with solid welded construction for years of durable use. Hook models range in capacity from 2 to 12 metric tons and are available in both cable mounted and boat mounted models. As the agent for Cranston Eagle, Delta T Systems also services and performs the required load testing in an expeditions manner out of their facility in Riviera Beach, Florida.

C2 Plus Fan Control System

The new C2 Plus Fan Control System is the next generation of Delta T Systems' tried and true C2 Fan Controller. It features all of the same great functionality of the C2 with updated electronic components and touchscreen graphics. The C2 Plus also uses the legacy wiring and speed drive programming of the old C2 which means that the C2 Controller can easily be updated to the new C2 Plus controller without pulling new wiring or reprogramming the speed drives. Of course all of the safety features of the legacy system can still be found in the new controller including emergency shut down and fire system interface capabilities. Please stop by Booth 2023 at the International WorkBoat Show for a full demonstration of the brand new C2 Plus Fan Control System.

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