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Dacon Rescue Equipment

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Dacon Rescue Equipment

Dacon has since 1979 developed and produced maritime rescue and
recovery equipment for professional use. We provide solutions to
vessels of all types and sizes.

Working together with our customers, Dacon finds solutions that
minimizes risk to the crew whilst maximising the chance of a
successful rescue. Our long experience in working with the offshore
industry in the North Sea and North Atlantic helps us find solutions
that will work also in severe weather.

All products are manufactured in Norway and Dacon are continuously
working with R&D to find the most suitable rescue solutions.
Contact us with you challenges and together we’ll find the best
solution for your vessel.

Products & Services



The Multi-Hole Imager -OFF/ON Magnet (new model #MHI650) is one of Flange Wizard®s newest layout tools. Imager's body has been redesigned to include a 150lb pull “OFF/ON” magnet makes positioning on all surfaces easy. Layout elongated holes in bulkheads for pipe at any angle up to 18” in diameter. Odd angles of saddle holes (ellipse) for pipe branches are made easy with the new Imager.


Plasma Cutting Guide  will assist you cutting holes from 5/8" to 36" in diameter. Use it for: straight and irregular cuts by using wheels provided (Fig. A); set up for cutting medium to large circles by installing one wheel (Fig. B); so well balanced that a wheel is not necessary when cutting small (5/8" dia.) to medium (8" dia.) holes in your material (Fig. C). Just center punch where you want the center of the hole, set the radius of the hole you want from the pointer on the hex arm to the center of the plasma torch and you are ready to cut. Comes with a Plasma Bushing sized to fit your torch.


The Chariot Cutting Guide #24219 is a must for every tradesmen who uses a conventional cutting torch. It will cut circles up to 39" in diameter. It can cut holes as small as 5/8" when used without the axles.  It can bevel circles up to 36" in diameter.  Cut straight, irregular shapes, circles and bevel with this versatile tool. 


NEW! Conventional torch users can now start cutting corners with Flange Wizard®’s new STANDARD BURNING GUIDE #SBG301. This burning guide can reach into corners and tight places where other guides cannot go! Your torch tip can actually get right into a corner and have a single wheel stand-off to keep the tip at a proper distance from the work surface (Pic A).  The wheel can be rotated to be used with a straight edge guide (Pic B). This cutting guide is great for demolition that requires getting into corners and tight work spaces. It also cuts holes from 5/8” to 24” diameter. Designed with a universal bushing, it fits any conventional torch tip (Pic C).


Flange Wizard's Pocket Degree Level L-2 is a shirt pocket size (1-1/2” x 2-3/8” x 5/8” thick) degree dial level that makes it easy to establish angles, set tanks, layout keyways and measure decline or slope. The level body is permanently marked in 2.5° increments and numbered every 10 degrees. It has strong magnets in the base for easy hands-off use and can even hold the end of a tape measure for solo use. Great level for getting angles on hard to reach pipe or structural steel details. Tool is machined from aluminum and anodized for a protective finish.


#53025-M (small - for pipes 1-1/2” to 10” in diameter)) / #53076-M (standard - for pipes 8” to 48” in diameter) Magnetic Centering Heads.  Designed to establish and mark a centerline at any angle around the circumference (inside and out) on a pipe or tank. Both tools are machined from quality aluminum material then anodized for lasting protection. They have a one piece “Y” shaped body design with a 2-1/2° increment degree dial that turns 360°’s.  The degree dial has a built-in dial for leveling the tool at various angles.  The hardened center punch marks your set position by taping with a hammer (vial and center punch are replaceable for lasting service). Magnets in the legs will free up the users hands for a safer and more accurate layout mark. Use them to establish and mark a centerline at any angle around the circumference on a pipe or tank or as a protractor level. Fire protection contractors, fence and gate builders, livestock pens and corrals, and various alignment jobs in the automotive field are a few job fields where the centering heads can be used.


NEW! Blocks, Magnetic OFF/ON #MSB202 now come with the latest technology in “OFF/ON” magnets.  The BLOCKS come standard in a set of 2. Use the blocks with conventional and plasma torches to hold burning guides, squares and fixtures in place, freeing up your hands (aka “welder’s third hand).  Set your cutting guide rail or fixture in position, turn magnet “ON” to lock it down.  When finished, turn it “OFF” and it releases.  When in the “OFF” position no slag or loose metal will stick to the holding or main body. This same block is also available in Flange Wizard®’s Torch Guide MSG230 and Extension Torch Guides MSG230-16 / MSG230-24 or purchased singlely MSB201.


Wizard Pipe Wraps (pipe wrap a-rounds) #'s WW-16/-17/-17A/-19 and Custom Wizard Pipe Wraps are made from a non-asbestos, heat resistant (temperatures up to 360° F material that has outstanding resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, water and sea water. Edges are sanded and straight for easier more accurate marking. Exclusive features include: Screen printed tape measures (inches and metric) which limits the need for an extra tape measure and makes mark-up much easier; a circumference & quartering scale which limits the need for calculations because the exact circumference, ¼, ½ and ¾ of the circumference, plus the actual diameter of pipes 2” through 30” is printed on the outside of the wraps. Wraps are packaged in durable, reusable containers that will hold up in your tool box. Custom Wraps can be purchased by the foot at desired length (up to 540 feet) to accommodate larger jobs (pipes in excess of 48” in diameter). The custom wraps are not screen printed.  


NEW! The popular Miter Marker is better than ever. Welders and pipefitters will see a huge improvement in – New model #MMS505.  This tool, for laying out angles and saddles on pipe and structural steel, now has the latest technology in an “OFF/ON” magnet with 150lb holding force.Magnet is set in the “OFF” mode while positioning the Miter Marker body. Once the alignment is complete, set in the “ON” mode and begin your layout. BONUS: The new design of the MAIN MAGNETIC BODY #MMB500 is engineered to receive attachments for laying out saddle holes in any degree needed (Master Marker #MML510 and Miter Marker #MS505) and the Multi-Hole Imager #MHI515) marks ellipse holes in a snap for pipes intersecting at different angles.


NEW! Flange Wizard®’s ANGLE BURNING GUIDE w/ OFF/ON MAGNETIC BASE #ABG750 features a magnetic base (Fig. A) and is with magnetic base for use with conventional or plasma torch to assist in making excellent angle or straight cuts every time. Also use as a protractor (Fig. B) or multi-angle tri-square (Fig. C). Guide will hold any standard square as well as most straight edges (Fig. D).

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