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Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

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6900 Philips Hwy
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Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

Cygnus Instruments manufactures the world’s “original” digital multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges.  Cygnus Instruments began in 1983.  Multiple echo means that coatings do not have to be removed in order to measure the metal.  Cygnus gauges give accurate, verified thickness measurements. Cygnus also had worked as marine surveyors specializing in large oil carriers for over 40 years giving us tremendous knowledge of marine corrosion inspections.  Cygnus offers a variety of metal thickness gauges for the marine industry both topside/shipyard and underwater. Also provided are Ultrasonic Leak Detectors, Hatch Cover Leak Detectors and Flooded Member Detectors

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Cygnus 2 Hands Free

The NEW Cygnus 2 is a simple to use, through coating thickness gauge with a multi-functional end mounted display making it ideally suited for climbing and rope access.The twin shot injection moulded enclosure has a soft but durable TPE outer skin which is comfortable to hold and protects against bumps while the hard internal shell offers maximum strength and environmental protection certified to the demanding US MIL STD 810G standard.Perfect for use on flat plate, curved surfaces or pipes our Multiple-Echo single crystal probe technology means you can measure through thick coatings and only the remaining metal thickness is displayed.  

Cygnus 4 General Purpose

The NEW Cygnus 4 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a small, tough and accurate through coating digital thickness gauge. Designed for the harshest of environments with a simple to use keypad, intuitive menus and a color LCD display which can be viewed in all lighting conditions.The twin shot injection molded enclosure has a soft but durable TPE outer skin which is the hard internal shell offers maximum strength andenvironmental protection certified to the demanding US MIL STD 810G standard.Perfect for use on flat plate, curved surfaces or pipes our Multiple-Echo single crystal probe technology means you can measure through thick coatings andonly the remaining metal thickness is displayed. 

Cygnus Hatch Sure

Cygnus Hatch Sure Ultrasonic hatch leak detector is a lightweight ultrasonic system for testing the weather  & water tightness of cargo hatch covers seals.  Also can be used to pinpoint leaks in doors and windows.  Leaks are measured is Open Hatch (OH) value and sound level in Decibels (dB) which are simultaneously displayed.  Hatch Sure is ABS Approved and accepted by P&L Clubs. Easy to use with powerful transmitter and inspection microphone on telescopic extension.  Lightweight (2.5 kg) for easy transportation in ruck sack style carry case.

Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is the first (1983) and onlymultiple echo digital thickness gauge worldwide that is certified for use inpotentially hazardous atmospheres without the fear of causing explosions. This gauge eliminates the need for hot work permits.  The Cygnus 1Intrinsically Safe is certified by CSA to Class 1 Division 1, Groups A, B, Cand D and is approved by OSHA..  This gauge ishand machined from a special Delrin (a tough plastic) which when rubbed cannotcause static electricity and the electronics are potted in the housing. This makes this gauge dust proof, shockproof and water proof (not fordiving).  You will not find a gauge more durable than a Cygnus 1. The resolution and accuracy of this gauge is +/- .005” (0.1mm) or +/- .002”(0.05mm).  The resolution and accuracy are selected by the operator. Normally +/- .005’ is more than adequate for corrosion work.  This gaugehas an IPX7 rating (X rating meaning no dust ingress due to the electronicsbeing potted and 7 rating meaning protected against ingression of water afterbeing immersed 1 m of water for 30 minutes).

Cygnus DIVE 2

The Dive 2 is a new concept in subseathickness testing.  Instead of the flashlight/torch design, the Dive 2 isworn on the diver’s wrist/forearm giving an invaluable free hand whileperforming thickness surveys.  The operation of the gauge couldn’t besimpler, only two buttons for easy navigation of the intuitive, clear menus. Theprobe is easily stored away so hands are free to perform other subsea task whenyou have completed your thickness testing.  The Dive 2 has a large 2.8”color AMOLED display (as used on cameras, smart phones and wrist mounted divingcomputers).  This display is easy to viewfrom all angles by both the diver and his camera even in poor visibility water.The DIVE 2 also has the option of single echo mode for measuring on castmetals, anchor chains and measuring on heavily corroded steel (after surfacepreparation). The Deep Coat mode is used for measuring through and ignoringcoatings up to ¾” (20 mm).  There is a liveA-scan display which helps verify true backwall measurements in difficultmeasuring applications.Additional options include on board datalogger capable of storing 5,000 measurements plus 640 A-Scans with auto-logfeature which means no “log” button for the diver to press.  CygLink4 topside data logging software fordisplaying and recording thickness measurements and A-scans comes with the DIVE2 DL.  The software is still easy to useit offers up-to-date Windows® based application.  You can also get a long cable up to 3,000’ todata log the measurements topside if you do not want the diver to perform thistask.  There is a Topside DisplayRepeater for viewing the measurement topside at the same time as the diver orTopside Display Repeater with Video Overlay of the thickness measurements onthe monitor screen when the diver is using a camera.  And finally there is Remote HelmetView™ whereyou attach the display directly to the helmet for use in extremely lowvisibility water.

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