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Continental Western Corporation

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5980 Jefferson Hwy
Jefferson , LA 70123
United States
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Continental Western Corporation

Continental Western Corporation is a premier supplier of heavy marine rope, commercial fishing rope, mooring, dock and anchor line. We also offer general-purpose rope, twine, packaging, strapping, gloves, safety wear, janitorial supplies and industrial products. We are honored to have provided customers with the highest quality products, timely delivery and outstanding customer service for over 60 years. Our company has recently acquired Wholesale Safety; a wide range of metal detectable safety products which are imperative in all food processing.

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Products & Services


High Strenth BLUE STEEL Industrial, Fishing and Marine Rope

Our CWC registered trademark BLUE STEEL™ is one of the strongest co-polymer ropes in the market today. The turquoise color fiber with two dark blue tracers have become the industry standard for high performance utility ropes. Manufactured from high tenacity polyolefin yarns, CWC BLUE STEEL™ offers easy handling, high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. It floats, exhibits excellent UV characteristics and is economical. BLUE STEEL Products: • 8 Braid Mooring Line• 12 Strand Purse Line and Leaded Man Line• Floating and Sinking Crab Rope• 12 Strand Non-Torquing & 3 Strand General Purpose Rope• Available in a variety of put-ups, 8 braid and 12 strand

ProTACT High Tactility Work Gloves

A protective grip and high-tactility feel are what set our CWC ProTACT gloves apart from ordinary dipped gloves. These gloves provide excellent grip in various applications, as well as good abrasion and puncture resistance. The fine-gauge, breathable knit shells are non-linting and designed for hours of comfortable wear. Features: • Light oil machine applications • Small-parts handling • Maintenance and construction • Gardening and landscaping • General industry and warehouse

CWC Safety and Rain Wear

Shop CWC for a great selection of basic  protective clothing at competitive prices. Choose from a variety of protective clothing: • Hi-Viz Chem Resistant PVC Rain Suits and Coats • Chemical resistant coveralls • Safety Glasses and Goggles• Hi-Vis Safety Vests and Jackets • Leather, String Knit and Chem Resistant Gloves • Dust Masks, Ear Plugs and MORE!

PRO SERIES Industrial Tape

From economy to heavy-duty, all CWC duct tape combines coated cloth, natural rubber with synthetic resin adhesive. Its superior performance duct tape specially designed for the high demand contractor applications. Product has excellent shear values to surface and backing. It has a good conformability and excellent resistance to tear. CWC electrical tape is flame retardant and can be used as primary insulation and provides a protective outer jacket. Can be used for wrapping wire harnesses, insulating degaussing coils and color coding. Products: • Premium, Utility, Industrial and Economy grade duct tapes in a variety of colors• Professional Retail Ready Packaging • Pro Series masking, painters, rubber splicing, pipe wrap, safety tape and MORE also available!

Mooring Lines

CWC offers a full selection of high-strength synthetic mooring lines. These non-torquing ropes are designed to exhibit excellent resistance to rot, mildew, marine growth, UV, abrasion and most common chemicals. From economical SUPER DYNA II to premium quality BLUE STEEL, we carry the right line for your application.

Twisted Dock Lines

CWC's array of twisted 3-strand white nylon dock lines are designed with high elasticity to absorb shock loads and are built to withstand rot, mildew and marine growth. Featuring balanced, piled-yarn construction, the lines hold knots well, are abrasion-resistant and can be stored wet without damage to the fibers.

Anchor Lines

CWC nylon anchor lines absorb sudden shock, and have excellent resistance to abrasion, rot, mildew, marine growth, petroleum products and many common chemicals. Includes galvanized thimble, spliced on one end for attaching to anchors

Atlas PVC Gloves

CWC offers Atlas™ durable heavyweight PVC gloves in double, triple and full dipped. Strong, yet extremely soft and flexible, these gloves feature a soft warm lining. The rough textured coating ensures grip and increases the gloves abrasion resistance and durability. The gloves are also oil resistant and chemical resistant.

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