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Cobham SATCOM develops, manufactures, sells and supports satellite and radio communication equipment for maritime and offshore applications, under the established and highly-regarded SAILOR® and Sea Tel brands. The recognized quality, reliability and innovation demonstrated across the SAILOR and Sea Tel portfolio combined with a worldwide network of service facilities ensures that Cobham SATCOM can meet the communication requirements of any vessel or fleet, regardless of size application or location.

Products & Services


ST24 TV Antenna

Operate at higher latitudes. Touch screen Graphical Antenna Control Panel for one touch operation. Install system with off-the-shelf cables. Built-in-test for trouble free operation and smarter fault detection. Stronger signal reception and expanded foot print than the competition. High performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather. Tuna Tower Ready - No expensive upgrades needed. Auto skew option available for maximum signal strength. Fast satellite acquisition using built-In GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms.+ Act as a backup GPS system with full access to navigational data. Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software. Global Programming and digital music channels. HD Ready (Ku-Band satellites).

USAT 24 Ku-Band Communications Antenna

USAT 24 Ku-Band Communications Antenna The USAT 24 is Sea Tel’s smallest (60 cm) and lightest Ku-Band antenna for marine broadband applications. Service will be available for operation on Hughes and iDirect networks through a number of service providers in US, European and Australian waters. The USAT 24 antenna is complemented by the Coastal 24 TV antenna, allowing full communications and entertainment in a matching dual dome combination.

4012 GX Ku-Band- Ka-Band Convertible Communications Antenna

The Sea Tel 4012 GX is a 3 Axis stabilized 1-meter antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites and optionally convertible to Ka-band to work on Inmarsat's Global Xpress. It fulfills the VSAT capacities of today and promises a smooth transition to the exciting possibilities of tomorrow

5012 Ku-Band Communications Antenna

USAT 30 Ku-Band Communications Antenna

3011 Ku-Band Communications Antenna

4004 TV Antenna


The new SAILOR 800 VSAT is a standardized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system with an 83 cm dish. It provides the same or better performance than typical 1m antennas. The unique, class-leading performance opens up a world of high quality, reliable communications for all vessels.

Sea Tel 100 TVHD

The Sea Tel 100 TVHD antenna system features a new three port feed and LNB that are capable of simultaneously receiving all three of the main satellites that DIRECTV® broadcasts their High Definition and Standard Definition programming on.  The Sea Tel 100 TVHD is also capable of receiving worldwide Ku-Band High Definition and Standard Definition programming without having to make adjustments to the hardware.   

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