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Certified is one of the largest independent lubrication manufacturers in the Americas and one of the leaders in EEL/EAL VIDA/VGP compliant lubricants with 153 patents and counting!

We partner with professionals like you to design and drive proactive maintenance routines including but not limited to Traditional & Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, Wire Ropes, Fuel Quality Assurance, Thermal Oil Programs and Reliability Training.

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Products & Services


Enviro Certop Xtreme EAL PG - Gear & Bearing Oil - VIDA/VGP Compliant

- EAL formula, heavy duty fully synthetic gear and bearing oil specifically formulated for the Maritime applications. - No Sheen Performance

Enviro HOC Xtreme EAL – Hydraulic Oil – VIDA/VGP Compliant

EAL formula, single-grade, synthetic blend Hydraulic Oil specifically formulated for Maritime applications. ISO 32, 46, 68. Application: Workboats, tugboats, dredging equipment, bow thruster, windlass & mooring winch, crew boats & ferry boats

Enviro HOC Xtreme EAL PG – Hydraulic Oil – VIDA/VGP Compliant

EAL formula, no sheen performance, single-grade, full synthetic hydraulic oil specifically formulated for Maritime applications. ISO 32, 46, 68. Application: Bow Thruster Windlass & Mooring Winch

Enviro X-433 EAL – Wire Rope Lubricant – VIDA/VGP Compliant

EAL formula penetr4ates, lubricates and protect to increase chain, cable and wire rope life. Application: Wire rope, chains and cables.

EnviroCal EAL #1, #2 – Multi-Purpose Lubricant – VIDA/VGP Compliant

EAL formula, proprietary calcium thickened grease with nano-particles specifically formulated for VGP & EU Compliance. Prevents age hardening and oil separation. Application: Workboats, tugboats, dredging equipment, bow thruster, windlass, mooring winch, crew boats & ferry boats.

Green Marine Torrent Program – Parts Washing

A revolution in parts washing with zero waste stream, environmentally friendly performance solution, 4 x more cost and time efficient with built in PPE with enclosed lid. Certified is proud to offer Green Marine participants a program to help them achiever higher levels of Green Marine Credentials. Applications: Boats, Docks & Shop.

DieselMate – Diesel Fuel Improver – Fuel Quality Assurance Program

Year-round diesel fuel conditioner designed to improve the performance of marine diesel fuel. Improved engine performance, lengthens equipment life and reduces emissions.

Rad-Cool 50/50 – Coolant/Antifreeze

Fully formulated, SCA pre-charged coolant/antifreeze for heavy duty and Maritime equipment.

Spectra Xtreme – Motor Oil

Synthetic blend, multi-grade diesel or gasoline motor oil formulated for severe duty and extended drain intervals for Maritime applications.

Marine DEF – Maritime Diesel Exhaust Fluid – Emission Standards on the Open Seas

An aqueous high-purity urea solution at a concentration of 40% that is needed to operate converters with SCR in applications with large combustion engines. Marine DEF is used in many marine applications.

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