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Center Lift Inc.

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1401 MacArthur Avenue
Harvey , LA 70058
United States
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Center Lift Inc.

Center Lift specializes in moving marine assets using pneumatic rollers. Center Lift’s pneumatic lift / launch system provides clients with a flexible, time saving, safe, and economical alternative to other heavy launch methods. Our pneumatic rollers can be used to transport heavy objects over various types of terrain allowing customers the freedom to move, construct, or repair assets in any location. Center Lift offers the following services to marine clientele: Salvage & Groundings of Marine Assets; Launching of Vessels & Barges; Movement of Heavy Equipment; Haul Out of Marine Assets for Repair/Service; Lightering; and Assist with Draft Restraints.

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Center Lift’s heavy lift system offers marine clientele a less expensive and more flexible option to move,construct, or repair assets in any location.  Our pneumatic rollers can be used to transport heavy objects over various types of terrain, allowing customers the freedom to move vessels from dry docks to land, as well as land-to- land movements without the need for long-term dry-docking. Center Lift personnel will arrive at the job site; move the vessel/object, and then leave; returning if and/or when the vessel needs to be moved again.Unlike other heavy lift methods, Center Lift has the capability to move vessels over a grade separation of +/- 3 feet, such as a bulkhead. Center Lift’s patented Stability Control System allows personnel to monitor loads and bending moments during the launch. This is particularly important to maintain the structural integrity of the vessel.One of the best advantages of using the pneumatic roller system is its low ground pressure loading. Rollers can be used on poor soil impaction areas and in cases with as few as 12 inches of space between the ground and the hull.


Using Center Lift’s Patented Stability Control System we can assist vessels over shallow areas or assist with launches of vessels that draft too much. Our system is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage numerous situations including:Draft ConstraintsVessel GroundingsStability IssuesSunken/Damaged VesselsBallasting Issues

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