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C&C Panasia, Inc.

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2110 Omega Road
Suite G
San Ramon , CA 94583
United States
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C&C Panasia, Inc.

C&C Panasia represents PANASIA, a global leader in R&D and manufacturing of BWTS, TLGS, DeNOx SCR, DeSOx Scrubber and onboard LNG fuel delivery system. We handle sales and provide local technical & parts support for these products. Located in California but have networking companies throughout North America; operating a Florida based BWTS Training Center. Our BWTS is Filter plus UV type, receiving USCG Type approval in December 2018. BWTS capacity ranges from 50 to 6000 tons; USCG approved explosion proof models available. We offer various type tank level gauging and alarm equipment including radar type. We offer efficient and small footprint SCR and Scrubber systems. Our onboard LNG fuel delivery system is ideal for fuel conversion of small and medium size vessels.

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GloEn-Patrol™ is a combined ballast water treatment system taking advantage of Filtration and UV irradiation, the most environmentally friendly and optimally designed solution for every kind of vessel to install and operate. Adopting a 100% physical treatment technology, GloEn-Patrol™ effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens in ballast water without producing any toxic substances during ballasting and de-ballasting. In addition, this uniquely engineered and designed filter and UV lamp are manufactured by PANASIA's own technology and factory to provide the upmost quality, price competitive and on time delivery to customers.

Level-3000 Level Transmitter

Panasia's level control and measurement system for ships makes it possible to control and gauge levels, volumes, temperatures, etc. of the ship's crude oil, fuel, and ballast tanks. In addition, equipped with monitoring and alarm features, the system also provides a foundation on which ships can sail safely and stably.


Panasia's SCR flue gas De-NOx system PaNOx™ Marine adopted the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) method and therefore is environment-friendly equipment that decomposes NOx present in flue gas into harmless H2O and N2 by making the NOx chemically react with a reducing agent at a catalyst layer and then discharges them to the air.


PANASIA PaSOx™ Exhaust Gas Cleaning System removes sulfur oxides for the marine environment in Open, Closed, and Hybrid Modes. In Open Mode, Sea water is used as Wash water; Close Mode, Alkali solution is used as Wash water and in Hybrid Mode, mode switch between Open Mode and Close Mode.


Panasia's GloEn-FGS is a simple, space efficient ECO-Friendly gas fuel supply apparatus applicable to vessels using LNG gas as fuel.

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