December 4 - 6, 2019

Cathelco Ltd

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Cathelco Ltd

The Evac Evolution BWMS will comply with the revised IMO G8 standard and U.S. Coast Guard regulations with Type Approval anticipated before the end of 2018.
It has been developed over 10 years by Cathelco, now part of the Evac Group, and is based on a combination of filtration and UV technology.
Designed with a unique ‘feed back’ loop, it ensures that the optimum UV dosage is applied according to the prevailing water quality, saving power whenever the circumstances allow.
The system operates effectively in marine, brackish and salt water and has been installed on a range of ships including offshore supply vessels.
Available with capacities from 34m3/h to 1,500m3/h in a single unit, it can be supplied skid mounted or in modular form simplifying retrofits where space is tight.
Cathelco are world leaders in marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) for seawater pipework. They protect vessels of every size from blockages in engine cooling lines caused by barnacles and mussels. Economical and easy to install, the system uses anodes mounted in seachests or strainers wired to a control panel.
In addition, Cathelco will be promoting their ICCP hull corrosion protection systems. Compact, lightweight anodes combine maximum performance with features which speed-up installation. On larger vessels, Quantum control panels store data about the system, enabling it to be monitored and controlled with ease.

Products & Services


Cathelco Evolution Ballast Water Treatment System

The Cathelco Evolution ballast water treatment (BWT) system is currently being tested to the ‘live/dead’ standard demanded by the U.S. Coast Guard with the aim of gaining Type Approval by the 3rd Qtr of 2017. Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, the system is available with capacities from 34 -1,500 cubic metres per hour in a single unit. It is equipped with a unique UV-T sensor system which optimises UV dosing and ensures the most economical use of power. Cathelco are the only manufacturers providing UV-T systems as standard – essential in meeting IMO and U. S. Coast Guard requirements.  

Marine Growth Prevention Systems

Cathelco are world leading manufacturers of marine growth prevention systems. These eliminate blockages in ships' seawater cooling lines caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels. Specially designed units are also available to protect sea water lift pumps on oil platforms. The systems consist of copper and aluminium anodes which are mounted in seachests or strainers and wired to a control panel. In operation the copper anode produces ions which create an environment where barnacles and mussels do not settle or breed. At the same time the aluminium anode produces ions which create an anti-corrosive layer on the internal surfaces of pipes.

ICCP hull corrosion protection systems

Cathelco ICCP hull corrosion protection systems are used on offshore vessels and commercial ships of every kind. The systems consist of an arrangement of hull mounted anodes and reference electrodes wired to a control panel. A range of C-Max anodes is available in disc and linear form which have the advantage of being lightweight and diver changeable. The latest Quantum ICCP systems provide greater connectivity with control panels which enable data to be relayed to control room or the bridge via an RS485 link.

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