December 4 - 6, 2019

Carrier Marine & Offshore

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6304 Carrier Parkway
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Carrier Marine & Offshore

Carrier Marine & Offshore provides specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and services for shipbuilders, ship owners and operators worldwide. With offices and service engineers based around the world, the Carrier Marine & Offshore team leverages its design expertise, energy auditing, retro commissioning, and maintenance abilities to meet the particular needs of marine customers. Carrier Marine & Offshore is part of United Technologies, the world’s largest provider of building technologies. The group offers a comprehensive range of elevator, escalator, fire safety, security, controls & automation, and HVAC solutions and services to the marine industry through trusted brands including: Autronica, Carrier, Kidde, Marioff, and Otis. Carrier Marine & Offshore has been a global leader in maritime air conditioning and refrigeration technology since we pioneered the first shipboard use of air conditioning. Today, our products are found aboard cruise ships, offshore platforms, government and commercial vessels throughout the world. Our leadership on the seas stems not only from our expertise in product design and innovation, but our commitment to service and support as well. Across all business segments, we stand behind our products with comprehensive warranties and maintenance programs, along with energy services, re-fits and more.

Products & Services


42AM Air Heater

For your onboard heating solutions, Carrier Marine & Offshore are very pleased to announce the all-new 42AM Air Heater, with the following features: Available for ventilation only, heating only, or heating & cooling; 5 sizes available for cooling/heating, bulkhead or ceiling mounted; Capacity from 20 to 80 kW heating, 5 to 21 kW cooling; 4 sizes available for ventilation from 4000 to 10000 m3/h; Advanced technology components balance efficiency and acoustic comfort; Double deflector diffuser with JET technology as standard; Antibacterial condensate drain pan; Wide range of accessories and customization available

10TE Plate Heat Exchanger

Announcing 10TE gasket plate heat exchangers from Carrier, offering an all new option for your marine fluid cooling applications. Use for machinery cooling or as a secondary heat exchanger to separate seawater and freshwater, or use for MGO cooling. These heat exchangers offer the following benefits: Capacities from 5 to 5000 kW, Sizes: DN32 – DN50 – DN65 – DN100 – DN150 – DN200, Liquid flow rates up to 800 m3/h, Temperatures up to 200ºC, Pressures up to 25 bar; High efficiency heat transfer, reduces surface area; High level of corrosion resistance, Low-capacity circuits.

30HXS Seawater-Cooled Chiller

The 30HXS units are high-efficiency, seawater-cooled chillers, suitable for installing in the ship's machinery space. The units have a quiet, low-vibration design featuring screw compressors. The 30HXS chillers are less than 1m wide, compact enough to fit through narrow hatches and access doors, making them great re-fit units. Featuring R-134a refrigerant, dual independent refrigerant circuits, 90/10 Cu/Ni cleanable shell-and-tube condensers, NEMA 4 (IP 56) control enclosures, these chillers have been installed and running in hundreds of marine and offshore applications over the last two decades.

39M Marine Air Handling Unit

Carrier’s Aero 39M air handlers provide advanced technology and custom features in a streamlined, easy to install package. Units can be equipped with HEPA filters, AgION™ antimicrobial coating and other options. All marine units include a stainless steel marine double drain pan. All marine units include a stainless steel marine double drain pan. The 39M unit’s double-wall casing allows panels to be easily cleaned without damaging the insulation inside. Available fan options include forward-curved, airfoil, and plenum fans for extra quiet operation. Factory-installed controls maintain airflow and ventilation requirements while helping to prevent coil freeze-up, excessive humidity and poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Carrier’s AHUBuilder® software makes selecting and optimizing the 39M air handler easy.

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