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Bostrom Co Inc

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818 Progress Avenue
Waukesha , WI 53186
United States
Booth #3620

Bostrom Co Inc

H.O. Bostrom Company, Inc. supplies SeaPost seat systems, including adjustable helm, crew, and shock-mitigating seats, to the marine industry. We can also supply special application designs to commercial shipbuilders and government agencies. We use marine grade materials and upholstery, as well as a multi-stage finishing process, to ensure that our seats will deliver many years of service and comfort.

Products & Services


SeaPost™ Pacifica DLX Pilot Chair with SITTAB Armrests

The SeaPost™ Pacifica delivers a full feature set and unrivaled ergonomic comfort. Easy-to-reach fingertip controls adjust seat height, seat fore and aft, lumbar support, and back recline. In addition, the multi-function SITTAB Armrests offers the ability to add a joystick box.

SeaPost™ Pacifica Torsion-580

The Torsion-580 is our new weight adjustable Mechanical Suspension system.  We improved on our Torsion-380 suspension by adding dual dampers that act as energy absorbers to mitigate any bottoming out in heavy seas, and increased the overall stroke of the suspension to almost 6”.  The Torsion-580 can be paired with an optional 3-6” Height Adjust, and rear seat handles, to provide the seat occupant with an optimal shock mitigating system.

SeaPost™ Sierra Mid Back, Headrest

The SeaPost Sierra mid-back with headrest offers complete adjustability forwards/backwards and up/down with ergonomic support for ultimate occupant comfort. Available in three base module heights and can be used with floor slide rails. Seats are available in cloth, marine-grade vinyl, or leather upholstery.

SeaPost™ Pacifica MBLX Torsion 580 with CommandCom

Shock-Isolating Suspension Seat tames the roughest sea with a “bottomless comfort” suspension system:• Shock absorbing, weight-adjustable suspension with 6-way power adjust• Height adjustable headrest with mid-back recline seat• Urethane-covered seat foam seals out water for a dry ride• Serpentine spring platform provides shock isolation for additional comfort• Energy absorbers prevent full compression• Torsion-580 delivers an impressive 85% shock reduction from 26G to 3.8G• Suspension adjusts for occupant weights from 110lbs (50kg) to 320lbs (145kg)

SeaPost™ Sierra Flip Up

The Sierra Flip-up seat is ideal for any application where space is limited. The seat depth is 22.5” when occupied. The seat cushion automatically swings up and out of the way-reducing the seat depth to 13.9”- when not in use.

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