December 4 - 6, 2019

Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc.

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12400 W. Cameron Avenue
PO BOX 409
Butler , WI 53007-0409
United States
Booth #1758

Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc.

Boschert USA represents Stierli-Bieger of Switzerland, the world leader in horizontal bending and straightening machines. Stierli’s unique machine design allows bending of profiles such as bulb plates with no waste at the end of the part, saving time, material and money. Quick change tooling makes bending different profiles easy and allows for bending of round pipe, bar as well as straightening profiles and plates.

Stierli benders will also accommodate L profiles and T profiles. With a central clamp system to hold the material on in tooling, during the bending operation, our benders are highly productive and compact. Tool parts with a height of 300 mm and a diameter of up to 120 mm. Simple and rapid tool interchange is guaranteed.

A long stroke and lowering support rollers allow for vertical working of the section. Support plates with dovetail holding make for easy tool changes.

Controls range from simple manual systems to full laser-guided CNC systems.


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