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Auros Knowledge Systems

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19575 Victor Parkway
Suite 250
Livonia , MI 48152
United States
Booth #752

Auros Knowledge Systems

Auros Knowledge Systems is the developer and leader in providing Knowledge Aware software and services. Knowledge is a powerful asset that companies are not effectively leveraging, because it often goes unused. It’s held in passive documents that sit lost in different locations, spread out over countless different silos. Auros is different. While legacy Knowledge Management approaches rely heavily on passive document libraries and databases, Auros manages knowledge directly. Auros takes knowledge out of documents and puts it into a software tool that intelligently delivers knowledge to users in their flow of work; ensuring it gets re-used.

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Knowledge Aware Software and Services

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Knowledge Aware approach activates knowledge in the flow-of-work. With it, knowledge is continuously being captured, broken down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and provisioned to the right person when and where it’s needed. This approach positively influences decision-making, which creates a more effective and efficient organization and more reliable outputs.

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