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Altra Industrial Motion

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449 Gardner Street
South Beloit , IL 61080
United States
Booth #706

Altra Industrial Motion

As leading multinational designers and manufacturers of innovative power transmission products, the companies of Altra Industrial Motion (Wichita Clutch, Twiflex, Formsprag Clutch and Stromag) offer many critical components for a wide range of marine applications.

Products & Services


Twiflex Turning, Locking & Braking System (TLB)

The Twiflex system comprises a Turning gear, Locking device, and shaft Brake (TLB) together with a power unit (e.g. Hydraulic Powerpack) and a control panel for local operation of the system close to the equipment. TLB is available as a continuous turning option as shown or as an indexing system using a simple hydraulic ‘push-pull’ arrangement with the brakes and brake disc to inch the propeller shaft for maintenance and accurate alignment.

Twiflex T40 Series

The Twiflex T40 disc brake caliper is a split caliper design suitable for use with a minimum disc thickness of 20mm. The modules are mounted on each side of a central mounting plate of the same thickness as the brake disc. Minimum disc diameter is 300mm.

Twiflex VKSD Disc Brake Caliper

A very popular disc brake caliper comprised of two modules located on either side of a mounting plate of any thickness to accommodate the discs. Manufactured to meet stringent specifications. 

Twiflex VMS Disc Brake Calipers

The world's largest spring applied heavy duty disc brake caliper! Available in two types, the VMS/2 and VMS3/SP are all manufactured to meet stringent safety standards.

Wichita Model HC Clutch

The HC is an oil-immersed clutch designed for end-shaft or through shaft mounting configuration. The compact size of the HC makes these units ideal for incorporation within a gear housing. Multiple speed transmissions use a variety of these units to affect fixed mesh speed changes. The model HC may be used as a stand-alone device for disconnects, service, or conveyor soft starts.

Twiflex MX Series Spring-Applied Calipers

The MX disc brake caliper is a medium duty caliper with a three bolt base mounting which lends itself to mounting calipers back to back in pairs. Friction pads are secured by quick-release clips, and the brakes have a spring retraction to ensure ample pad clearance when the brake is released. Pneumatic disc brake calipers are chosen for their sensitive and rapid response to air pressure levels, making them ideal for tension control applications.

Stromag KMS Wet Clutches

Oil cooled and hydraulically operated Multi-Disc Clutches for marine gears. They are used where high torques must be transmitted reliably in the smallest spaces. Setting the trend for Stromag development work is the "No Limit" (KMS 200,000). With a rated torque of over 2,000,000 Nm, a diameter of 1.2 m, and a weight of nearly 4 t, it is the largest and most powerful clutch to date on the entire drive sector.

Stromag Electromagnetic Two-in-One Clutch/Coupling

Stromag offers the latest integrated clutch and coupling solutions for fully electric and dual mechanical/electrical drivelines. The electromagnetic two-in-one clutch/coupling offers a single component capable of both controlling torsional vibration and allowing for remote controlled driveline engagements and disengagements.

Stromag Cardanic Vector Coupling

The newly developed Stromag cardanic Vector model is a new hybrid design creatingan elastic driveshaft that provides high misalignment capacity over long spans between connected equipment such as a vessel’s main propulsion gearbox to waterjets and thrusters. This new design provides a simplified solution for connecting remote mounted equipment while eliminating the cost, weight, and space of multiple steel shafting sections and the associated bearing supports.

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Brakes
  • Pneumatics

Propulsion / Power

  • Clutches
  • Shaft Components
  • Transmissions
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