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Allsalt Maritime – Owner of Shoxs and Kinetix

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2952 Ed Nixon Terrace
Victoria , BC V9B 0B2
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Allsalt Maritime – Owner of Shoxs and Kinetix

Allsalt Maritime is a design, manufacturing and R&D firm specializing in marine impact mitigation technology. Our mission is to give you more days on the water.

Our product lines include Shoxs impact mitigation seating and Kinetix shock monitoring technology.

Allsalt leads the industry in maritime shock-mitigation and human impact science and technology.

Every product we make is intended to support smoother, safer ride in rough seas.

Allsalt builds rugged, marinized products that are always fit to fight.
We are worth our salt.

Products & Services


SHOXS 2000

SHOXS 2000The SHOXS-2000 is an extremely compact seat designed for tight spaces where seat box mounting is desirable but excellent shock mitigation is needed. This seat is highly configurable with many options including the SHOXSDUAL2 Shock Mitigation System.

SHOXS 4800

SHOXS 4800The ultimate in high speed offshore seating the SHOXS-4800 is the choice of industry professionals when there can be no compromise. 10" Suspension travel, drop down bolster with integrated folding footrest. 12" fore and aft adjust and 4.5" height adjust.

SHOXS 6300

SHOXS 6300The SHOXS-6300 seat is an ideal Center Console seat for anywhere that bulkhead mounting is desireable. Features include a drop down bolster and 8" suspension travel.

SHOXS 8100

SHOXS 8100Applications: Bulkhead mounted troop transportBenefits: Extremely Compact, Light weight, Automatically stows when unoccupied,Specifications: See our website for all technical drawings & seat specificationsOptions: Stainless steel lap belt, SHOXS water bottle holder

SHOXS 8180

SHOXS 8180SHOXS-8180 is a shock mitigated version of the SHOXS-8100. This seat can be deck mounted or bulkhead mounted. Light Weight and can be configured for High Occupancy Layouts. 8" Suspension Travel, Low Profile, and Automatic Stowing. Integrates with SHOXS TRAXS Mounting System. Ergonomically designed for long transit comfort.

SHOXS 3000

SHOXS 3000 SHOXS-3000 Series seats are constructed of all marine grade materials and come standard with 6" of shock mitigation travel. Features include: Fore/Aft and Height Adjustment, 360 degree swivel, Folding Footrest, Folding Armrest, Headrest, Lap-belt and Cup-holder. Can be track or fixed mounted. Propulsion and other controls can easily be fitted onto the seat.

SHOXS 2400

SHOXS 2400The new SHOXS-2400 has ergonomic bucket design engineered for comfort. For Patrol and commercial vessels this seat has a high level of functionality with 360 degree swivel and adjustable suspension. The customs upholstery options and carbon fiber seat structure are ideal for recreational installations. 

SHOXS 5005

The SHOXS 5005 is a lightweight, jockey style seat suitable for installation as passenger seating and helm seating. With 10" of suspension travel the 5005 is the safest, most reliable jockey seat on the market. The 5005 also includes functionality such as fore/aft and height adjustment to accommodate any sized occupant. The 5005 can mount directly to the deck or with our specialized SHOXS TRAXS mounting system that allows the user to reconfigure the seating on the fly or remove the seat from the boat quickly and easily. An optional storage bag can be fitted under the seat to stow your gear. The 5005 is in use with many agencies around the world including the Canadian Navy and the Royal Navy. 

SHOXS X Series

Shock mitigating pedestals transform nearly any marine seat into a safer, smoother ride with military-grade shock-mitigation technology. The X4 and X8 Pedestal, SHOXS’s newest offering for the recreational boater, is the most versatile shock-mitigating pedestal available in the industry. 

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