December 4 - 6, 2019

Airvac a brand of Aqseptence Group

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Airvac a brand of Aqseptence Group

Aqseptence Group’s wide range of vacuum technology systems, including Airvac®, allows us to be the global leader in the supply of systems, components and services in the area of water, wastewater, and vacuum technology.

In the shipbuilding industry, vacuum technology has been established for decades as the most efficient and safest technology for the collection of wastewater. Our AIRVAC® maritime solutions set standards in terms of sustainable functionality.

For passenger ships, comfort features are highly important. Here, the AIRVAC® silentium vacuum toilets are distinguished not only by the slightest noise emissions, but also by their unique hygienic toilet bowl, which does not require a flush rim.

For each application, our AIRVAC® maritime solutions offers the right solution. As a result, shipping companies worldwide rely on our AIRVAC® retrofit kits for maintenance and consequently, improvement to their existing vacuum facilities.

Products & Services


SMART Pushbutton - Bulkhead Mount Vacuum Toilet

The vacuum toilet SMART pushbutton separates us from our competitors. The flush water quantity and cycle time is easily adjusted via a needle valve, without removing the toilet.  A low level lockout disables the toilet at 9" Hg.  Queuing/memory automatically activates the toilet at 10" Hg (post low level lockout). The pushbutton is the source for troubleshooting; removing the toilet from the wall is not required. Retrofits to every vacuum toilet without changing the existing china.The bulkhead mount vacuum toilet is available in white or stainless steel and has only 4 components; the SMART pushbutton, a 1-1/2" vacuum valve, molded vacuum volume and water valve.  it can be easily assembled/disassembled by hand.

Compact Vacuum Station

The compact vacuum station is a plug and play concept that accommodates peak flows of 50 or 80gpm.  All components are fabricated, shipped and installed on one single skid that includes the collection tank, vacuum pumps, transfer pumps and a pre-wired control panel. This allows quicker, more cost effective installation time, no custom design is required and it has a capability of drawing a much deeper vacuum compared to macerator style pumps and ejector systems. 

Macerating Pump - Type 50

This product is for use with Airvac ceraimi or SS vacuum toilets and consists of two screw pumps controlled by frequency converters.  It is used for the evacuation of vacuum toilet systems.

Stainless Steel Evacuation Unit - Type GK

The GK Evacuation Unit collects liquids from hand basins, urinals and shower. It is pre-assembled and operates entirely automatically.

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