December 4 - 6, 2019

Air Products AS

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Air Products AS

Air Products Norway Marine Nitrogen Generators

Air Products is the world leader in gas separation by membranes,
and applies its proprietary technology in a variety of PRISM®
membranes. Over 1200 ships worldwide, have installed the Air
Products Membrane Nitrogen System since the first system was
engineered and commissioned by us in 1984 – Consequently we
are therefore the world’s most experienced and largest supplier
of Marine Nitrogen Generators.
Air Products Norway is an engineering and manufacturing company, specialized in gas
production and processing systems for the Marine, Offshore and
Petrochemical Industries.
Founded in 1970, and the first manufacturer installing
Membrane Nitrogen Generator for shipboard applications.
Our design have undergone excessive standardization, minimizing both production
time and price level – still keeping the quality that you as end
customer should expect from a market leader.
All systems are manufactured and tested at our works;
Made in Norway.

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Nitrogen Generators

Applications:For continuous and trouble free supply of Nitrogen onboard:Chemical Carriers, ATB's, LNG/LPG carriers, Platform Supply Vessels,Reefer Vessels – and more...• Inerting of cargo tanks during cargo discharge  (as full inert gas system).• General purging/cargoes tank stripping purpose.• Padding of highly oxygen sensible cargo.• Bleeding of insulation space onboard LNG vessels.• Isolation of cryogenic compressors.• Inerting of Methanol tanks.• Controlled Atmosphere (CA) for fruit and vegetables.• Dual Fuel vessels, purging of fuel pipes etc.• Top side application on FPSO, FLNG etc.• For Ballast Water Management Systems.

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