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Advanced Graphic Engraving

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Advanced Graphic Engraving

AGE manufactures industrial engraved, etched, and imprinted products. With multiple laser and rotary etching/engraving machines, sublimation and screen printing equipment, vinyl printers/die cutters, and acid etching capabilities, we can engrave, etch, and imprint on many substrates, including but not limited to stainless steel, plastic/acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, and photoluminescent materials. Our unique combination of processes and substrates make us your one stop shop. We manufacture many products such as plastic tags and signs, stainless steel wire markers, valve tags, cable tags, corporate ID tags, plates, stencils, as well as OSHA, IMO, and custom safety signage. With an intense focus on customer satisfaction, we have a devoted quality control staff to assure your job is delivered to your exact specifications. We have custom written production tracking software to ensure that your job arrives on time or early. We make ordering tags and signs the easiest part of your project!

Products & Services


Instrument and Valve Tags

Our instrument and valve tags can be rotary engraved or laseretched to produce black text on a durable grade 304 or 316 stainless steelsetting.  We also offer tie wires and crimps to fit standard 1/8" or3/16" mounting holes.  Available in stock thicknesses from.030"-.038", as well as custom thickness and sizes.

Stainless Steel Tags & Plates

We can create custom size stainless steel tags and plates to fit nearly any need.  We can laser etch, acid etch, screen print, or rotary engrave the image or text that you require.  We can also apply these processes to specialty items such as boom angle indicators.  If you need help determining which method to use, we are happy to guide you through the selection process.

Aluminum Tags and Plates

We can create custom aluminum tags and plates to fit nearly any need.  Tags and plates can either be acid etched, screen printed, rotary engraved, sublimated, or we can apply a vinyl overlay.  If you are unsure of the method you need, we can assist in helping you determine which method will work best for your requirements.

Plastic Tags and Signs

We use high quality Rowmark engravable plastics that are UV stable and suitable for exterior use.  These materials can be used to create interior signage, control panels, control system tags, and safety signage.  Products can be either surface or reverse engraved, with a matte, glossy, or textured finish.  They are available in most colors, and sized up to 24" x 48" at either 1/16" or 1/8" thickness.  The shapes, corners, and mounting holes on the product are nearly limitless and customized to your specifications.  This material can be rotary engraved or laser etched to your specifications.  To mount your custom engraved product, we provide a 3M adhesive.  This urethane foam tape is 1/32" thick and features a high-shear acrylic adhesive with a high temperature resistance for use in extreme conditions.


Stencils can be used to transfer text, patterns, or images with crisp, clean lines.  We carry single use self-adhesive vinyl stencils, as well as multiple use mylar, oil board, and plastic stencils for heavier duty projects.

Screen Printed, Die Cut, and Digital Printed Vinyl

Screen Printed Vinyl:  Much like the digital printing process, we can screen print on vinyl to create full color text and graphics on self-adhesive vinyl.  The screen printing process is a quicker and less expensive way to produce large quantities of the same image.  Decals can be produced on sheets or on rolls.Die Cut Vinyl:  To create this decal, a one color text or graphic is razor cut from a solid sheet of vinyl.  We offer a wide range of colors, and die cut vinyl is great for glass, doors, vehicles, and smooth solid walls where full color and large size are not required.Digital Printed Vinyl:  We can create brilliant, full-color digital images and text on self-adhesive vinyl, sized up to 50 inches by 50 yards.  Our vinyl products can be used in interior and exterior settings; when used for exterior service, the product is laminated with a clear overlay to increase durability and longevity.

Marine Signs

Our photo-luminescent marine signs are available in self-adhesive flexible vinyl or rigid plastic.  We specialize in the knowledge and expertise required to provide our customers with a superior, high quality signage system designed to comply and serve the requirements of the Marine Industry.  This high performance signage utilizes proven materials which are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, including winds in excess of 120 miles per hour.  The photo-luminescent materials are comprised of patented pigments that are type-approved to meet the regulations set forth by IMO/SOLAS, APTA, and ASTM.

OSHA Signs

OSHA signage specifications apply to the design, application, and use of signs or symbols that indicate and define specific hazards that could harm workers, the public, or both.  These generally consist of "DANGER", "CAUTION", "WARNING", and "BIOLOGICAL" signs.  Also available are similar designed signs for communicating "NOTICE" instructions.  OSHA type signage is available in self-adhesive flexible vinyl or rigid plastic that is suitable for exterior service.  AGE specializes in dual language and foreign language signs.

Brass Tags & Plates

Brass plates can be screen printed or acid etched and are available in thicknesses of .020", .040", .062", and .125".  Brass can be rotary engraved for use as valve and instrument tags.  Also available in copper and nickle silver finishes.

Metal Photo Tags and Plates

Using anodized aluminum, the metal photo process yields highly durable tags and plates suitable for exterior and harsh environments. During printing, dye is permanently embedded into the pores of the aluminum for a long-lasting and resilient product.  We can create barcodes and unique numbering systems, and we can format tags with square or round corners, punched holes, and adhesive backs. Metal photo tags come in black, gold, and silver with thicknesses of .020", .032", or .063".

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