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ActiveLED, Inc.

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101 Halmar Cove
Georgetown , TX 78628
United States
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ActiveLED, Inc.

ActiveLED is a manufacturer of hazardous location, marine, commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures and an innovator of solid-state technology.
Active LED is at the forefront of LED lighting advancements and continues to revolutionize the standards of LED lighting delivering better, cooler, longer-lasting lights that use a fraction of the energy compared to others.
Founded in 2007 ActiveLED is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, with manufacturing in the United States, and with sales offices in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore.
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Products & Services


Hazardous Location Light

The ActiveLED HZL1 Series Hazardous Location Light provides durability for heavy duty use in demanding conditions where explosive vapors, gases, moisture, corrosion and vibration are prevalent and reliability is critical. The HZL1 provides a T5 temperature rating for use in ambient conditions providing optimum visibility for process, testing and inspection areas.Applications include: Oil and Gas Refineries, Oil Drilling Rigs and Platforms, Mines, Ships, Shipyards, Wastewater Treatment Plants and more.

Hazardous Location String Lights

The ActiveLED 12V AC string light combines the efficiency and performance of ActiveLED technology with robust design and construction to achieve C1D1 certification. Ideal for illuminating confined spaces where flammable gases, vapors, liquids and dusts may be present. The portable ActiveLED explosion-proof lighting kit is specifically designed for wet and conductive environments, including petrochemical containers, grain silos and storage tanks. Kit includes 12V AC Output Power Supply used in conjunction with ActiveLED Low Voltage Explosion Proof light fixtures in compliance with OSHA requirements for portable lighting in wet or conductive locations in confined spaces.

Marine Search Light

The HM-Series are the lightest by weight, passively cooled Search light fixtures in themarket with a system efficacy of more than 150 lm/Watt within its full operating rangeof -55°C to +60°C. Because they are passively cooled, which means no fans or othermechanical parts are involved in the cooling process, there is nothing that can fail.The HM Series of ActiveLED® Marine Search Light Fixtures provide crisp bright lightingto replace legacy bulb-technology MH and HPS luminaires.Applications include: Work Boats, Passenger Vessels, Tankers, Freighters, Cruise Ships,Marine Loading Docks, Oil Drilling Rigs.

M1 Marine Light

The ActiveLED® Marine Series M1 is designed and certified for use on marine vessels,offshore drilling rigs and platforms. The M1 is engineered to take punishment fromwet areas where corrosion resistance is critical to equipment longevity and safety.The fixture punches out 11,250 Lumens at a staggering 150 Lumens Per Watt and iscertified for use in explosive gas environments.Applications include: Work Boats, Marine Loading Docks, Petrochemical Facilities, Lubrication Pits, Oil Drilling Rigs, Water Treatment Areas and Processing Plants.

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