December 4 - 6, 2019


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ABICOR BINZEL is a leading maker of welding torches and periphery focused on the MIG process.

Based in Buseck, Germany with manufacturing location spread globally in the United States, Brazil, India, and China, the solution of ABICOR BINZEL work to serve all the industries of metalworking.

We develop products specifically for our various industry focuses, including our partners in the Shipbuilding, with a range of durable, lasting welding torches and periphery that are designed specifically for the challenges of shipyards and their maintenance and building needs.

ABICOR BINZEL solutions are made for any process whether manual, robotic, or automatic. We strive to cut costs, ease welder fatigue, boost productivity, and impact the bottom line.

Visit us at Booth 1562 and see why we are more than welding.

Products & Services


AUT 750 Automatic MIG Torch

For extreme heavy duty welding applications, AUT 750 is as powerful as it gets in MIG welding. The compact, dual water-jacketed machine torch is designed specifically to withstand unusually large amounts of reflected heat build-up. Two independent water cooling channels can be fed in series or in parallel by omitting the interconnecting water hose. AUT 750 welds at up to 800 amp and comes with an optional air blast/anti-spatter port and massive heat dissipating nozzles to keep the torch cool even with the high amperage load. Ideal for long, liner welds with thicker metal.

DELTA-MIG Manual MIG Torch

Years of welder research and testing went into the development of the DELTA-MIG, the first torch designed exclusively for the North American market.DELTA-MIG is built for the long haul, with a standard cable option that allows it to reach up to 480 amp, and a lightweight cable version that allows for reduced welder fatigue. With a robust handle and long trigger design, DETLA-MIG is simple to operate and clamps easily onto bug or tractor system for a hard automation application.Maintenance on the DELTA-MIG is simple. With a modular, virtually tool-free design, DELTA-MIG necks and rear connects can be switched with a simple Allen wrench – even the cable design can be flipped to extend the life! DELTA-MIG comes with a variety of neck angle and options as well as threaded or slip-on consumable profiles. 

ABIMIG AT Manual MIG Torch

The most comfortable and versatile MIG torch of it’s kind, ABIMIG AT combines comfort and precision with a customizable solution at every step. With amperage ranged from 250 to 400, ABIMIG AT is the lightest MIG torch on the market. With easy to rotate, removable and varying torch neck designs, ABIMIG AT can be custom-suited to any welding task the operator requires. ABIMIG air-cooled torches use the revolutionary Bikox® cable for easy handling and low welder stress. ABIMIG AT has options everywhere. Choose a standard or extended trigger, any torch neck length you need, and a slew of nozzle and contact tips consumable profiles for superior joint access and weldability.

AUT 501 Automatic MIG Torch

Ideal for shipbuilding, AUT 501 D Series water-cooled MIG guns are made with long life consumables that protect the life of your torch and perform reliably for years.The "D" series AUT 501 comes with ABICOR BINZEL's industry leading cable assembly design with our innovative Euro-quick connect or direct connects for all the major welding machine brands. For direct mounting, the "DR" option allows the torch to be mounted without a cable assembly. As always, AUT 501 torches are made with the legendary ABICOR BINZEL consumables that last longer and hold up better than any other contact tips out there.Available with 22, 45, or 180 Degree swannecks.

EWR 2 Gas Management System

The newly released gas management system EWR 2 combines gas saving technology with network-compatible data acquisition. EWR 2 utilizes a closed loop monitoring system featuring fast-action solenoid valves to deliver gas with a software package that allows you to load your gas type, flow rate, and pressure. EWR 2 saves on average 30 to 50% on shielding gas use, and with the software package, manufacturers are able to track their gas usage over a weld, a part, a production run, or any length of time desired. EWR 2 is also securable thanks to it’s password-protected technology, so management can set their desired outputs while the production team monitors.

ABIMIG SpinArc Machine Torch

The Welding Revolution!SpinArc is a 400 Amp machine torch designed to accelerate your production operation. Using centrifugal force and a rotating wire, SpinArc produces molten droplets of metal at a rate of up to 5,000 RPMs to deliver stronger, faster, and higher quality welds with less filler metal. SpinArc is proven to drastically reduce weld time, increase plant efficiency, and produce fantastic ROI.SpinArc has contact tip extensions for deeper, more narrow, grooved welds. The high travel speed and spray-like action creates side wall fusion penetration depth never attainable before. Equipped with a digital control box that gives you precise command over the spin diameter and the rotation speed, SpinArc delivers  game changing productivity for your welding operation.

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