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Regulations and desired efficiency gains are driving customers to invest in solutions to reduce or eliminate emissions. Different vessel types have different needs. Whichever existing or future decarbonization strategy shipowners opt for, ABB has the technologies to support more sustainable operations and compliance with environmental regulations. This covers the full scope including vessels operating with combustion engines and various fuel solutions, and/or electric propulsion, and/or hybrid solutions or fully electric solutions.
As one of the world’s leading enablers of sustainable transportation, ABB is committed to supporting the shipping industry’s low carbon future through pioneering technologies and solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ABB helps shipowners around the world optimize engine efficiency and operational efficiency on board vessels. 

– 700,000 tons of fuel saved in the cruise sector due to the selection of Azipod® electric propulsion.
– Up to 20% cut in fuel consumption with ABB’s Azipod® electric propulsion.
– 0 emission operation with stored energy solutions.
– 98% greenhouse gas emissions eliminated with ABB’s shore-to-ship technology.
– 450 vessels improve safety and efficiency of their operation with ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS.
– Up to 3 tons of fuel savings per day per vessel with Tekomar XPERT 3.0

Products & Services


Turbocharging Service Network

An ABB Turbocharging Service Station is always close by, wherever you may be and whenever you may need us. Our highly qualified, experienced engineers work at 100+ ABB-owned Service Stations in 50+ countries worldwide, 24/7. We know everything about every one of the 200,000 ABB turbochargers in operation, and our stock availability is better than 98%, even for the very oldest ABB models. So with ABB's Turbocharging Service Network, you'll get the proactive support that you need so that your investment will perform to its original specification for its entire lifetime.

ABB Original Parts

A machine is as good as the sum of its parts and ABB Turbocharging Is committed to delivering the highest quality Original Parts for your turbocharger. Combined with a global service network equipped to rapidly deliver our high-quality Original Parts and the highest levels of OEM workmanship during all Original service operations, Including maintenance, repair and overhaul, ABB Turbocharging Service shares the same aims as the end user, I.e. delivering consistently optimized levels of: - engine performance - engine reliably - engine safety - engine availability - engine fuel efficiency - engine emissions and all at economic cost. To achieve these aims ABB Turbocharging undertakes to deliver Original Parts incorporating all the technology, knowledge and experience of turbocharger design and operation available only to the OEM. They are thus the foundation of the long-term efficiency, dependability and economy of ABB turbochargers.

ABB Original Service

Having Original Parts and the best OEM equipment is only part of the equation. The benefits of OEM know-how apply equally to the high level of workmanship our service engineers and technicians put into Original Service as they do to the OEM know-how put into ABB Original Parts. With over 100 ABB service stations around the world, we have the only current OEM trained engineers available to perform your ABB turbocharger work, and we are likely close by. Our engineers are available to work for you anywhere, anytime, on any ABB Turbocharger. ABB service engineers are factory trained, and receive annual continued education sessions. With regular product updates and new ABB Turbochargers being introduced to the market only factory trained ABB engineers should be trusted to service your ABB Turbochargers. A very tangible benefit of using Original Parts with official warranty, fitted by OEM qualified technicians is that repairs and overhauls will be right the first time. This results in MINIMAL DOWNTIME with maximized long term turbocharger efficiency and reliability.

Power2, 2 Stage Turbocharging for 4 Stroke Engines

Power2 is a two-stage turbocharging system designed to set new standards in engine performance relating to power density, emissions and fuel consumption. This turbocharging solution enables air pressures of up to 12, even at very high turbocharging efficiencies, and extreme, performance-enhancing Miller cycles on four-stroke engines.Power2’s high boost pressure capabilities enable high-power density and advanced Miller timing, which enables the low temperatures needed at start of the combustion process for low NOx emissions. Our two-stage turbocharging system is highly versatile and can be used in different types of applications, such as power plants and marine.

Customer Part Exchange Program (CPEX)

CPEX is part of ABB's reconditioning program for TPS shafts and bearing casings as well as for VTR and TPL blades, bearings and pumps. CPEX offers ABB service customers a globally standardized range of high-quality reconditioned parts. CPEX enables you to minimize engine downtime by offering the possibility of exchanging your ABB turbocharger parts for original ABB reconditioned parts. You benefit from faster service, proven OEM quality and a global standard parts warranty. Bearings and pumps have a recommended operating life and reconditioning has been introduced to give a cost effective solution. To maintain the accuracy of the reconditioning system, all work is performed in a climatically controlled facility, for assembly and testing. With genuine bearings (pumps) and reconditioning in accordance with factory procedures, gives the operator piece of mind. Worn and damaged turbine blades increase the operating costs in any application. Using a proven remanufacturing process with ABS certified welders, old blades can be returned to original design specifications. All work is fully inspected, covered by warranty and a cost effective repair solution.

Onboard DC Grid

ABB's Onboard DC Grid represents a breakthrough for the maritime industry in optimized propulsion by distributing power through a single DC circuit providing significant power savings while also improving the safety and redundancy compared with traditional AC systems.   By distributing electricity in DC, the Onboard DC Grid system allows engines to be operated at different speeds. As a result, the fuel consumption and emissions are reduced significantly in comparison with traditional propulsion systems. The system also allows for improved dynamic response of the engines.   The Onboard DC Grid also facilitates use of batteries and other energy storage devices which further improve the energy efficiency and reduction of emissions.   Offshore’s platform supply vessel “Dina Star,” identified fuel consumption reduction of up to 27 percent. These are the first documented results from a vessel outfitted with ABB’s Onboard DC Grid, which allows engines to run at variable speeds for top fuel efficiency at each load level.  During dynamic positioning operations during challenging weather conditions the tests identifying fuel savings of 14 percent.

Azipod Thrusters

The first Azipod® installation onboard was commissioned in 1990. By August 2010, the Azipod concept has been selected for more than 100 vessels and the milestone of 5.7 million cumulated operating machinery hours has been reached.   Azipod propulsion is available for power ratings of up to 21 MW, depending on product platform and the design variables of the project.   Some benefits of Azipod propulsion over shaft line propulsion, including improved safety and redundancy, improved fuel efficiency and reduced life cycle cost and easier general arrangement and more payload.   According to the experience from the first cruise vessels with Azipod® propulsion the Carnival Elation, savings up to 40 tons of fuel per week where achieved when compared to her sister vessels with conventional electric shaft line propulsion. A typical value of 10% can be used when estimating the fuel efficiency benefit of a cruise ship with Azipod® propulsion compared to a shaft line concept.

Onboard Microgrid

Onboard Microgrid is a new, pre-engineered powerdistribution solution that supports hybrid powersetups so vessels can operate more efficiently andcomply with environmental regulations. Thecompact, ready-made solution contains all thecontrol, power and energy management systemsvessels need for more sustainable operations.

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