November 28 - 30, 2018

Dock Talk Series

Dock Talks bring education right to the exhibit floor. Stop by the Collaboration Zone for 20 minute breakout sessions addressed by industry speakers as they provide challenges and opportunities that may be affecting your business today. 

*These sessions are free to all attendees

Wednesday, November 29th

11:30am - 12:00pm | The Maritime Sector: Securing Your Organization Through Partnership

Maritime operations involves a wide range of risks supplier disruption, regulations, natural disasters, demand, and cyber, and knowing how to identify, allocate, and manage risks is core to a survival and growth in the Maritime Sector. Successful practice demands identifying and allocating the various risks in the most efficient way. This session offers a range of products and resources from the Department of Homeland Security that reduce risk and boost resiliency and are available for free. This session will showcase myriad resources available to your organization: 1) Information sharing mechanisms 2) Industry best practices 3) Classified briefings 4) Training and tools 5) Physical and cyber security information and exercises 6) Business Continuity Planning.

Speaker | Kathleen Nuccetelli, Critical Infrastructure Analyst, US Department of Homeland Security

12:30pm - 1:00pm | Hiring Combat Veterans - Challenges & Opportunities

Hiring Combat Veterans – Issues and Opportunities explores the complicated nature of hiring Combat veterans. The U.S. is still involved in the longest war in its history. As a result, there are a surplus of veterans coming home to a surging unemployment rate and a veteran suicide rate of 22 per day. The presentation explores what testing is allowed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other Employment and Labor Law. In addition, what due diligence is done by Veteran organizations. Finally, the presentation concludes with talking about ways to interact with veterans who may be suffering from PTSD and how to get them help that will actually work.

Speaker | Jonathan McConnell, President,

1:30pm - 2:00pm | OSV Internal and External Firefighting

Many vessels in the work boat fleet have the capability of fighting fires on other vessels and facilities with the use of massive Firefighting pumps and nozzles. Safe use and knowledge of this equipment is as important as the knowledge of how to fight a fire on your own vessel. This presentation will examine the benefits and dangers of both internal and external vessel firefighting equipment and will also cover some of the tactics and training needed for an effective firefighting effort.

Speaker | Thomas Guldner, President, Marine Firefighting Inc.

Thursday, November 30th

1:00pm - 1:30pm | Water Taxi Design for Efficient Operation and Local Heritage

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) was awarded the design/ build contract for Under Armour/ Harbor Boating, LLC for a modernized water taxi for Baltimore City that took into account the Chesapeake Bay’s local heritage. MAPC is currently working on its third water taxi for Baltimore. The final design was inspired by the Deadrise Workboat, a boat historically made without any drawings, built by local crabbers and watermen. Understanding the deadrise workboat, the customers design requirements, and the operational requirements of the water taxi were all formidable challenges that MAPC had to work with and which MAPC is willing to share our design/ build experience with other passenger ferry design/ builders. The recommended presenters will discuss how they went from concept to design and build with regular feedback from the customers, the operators and in keeping with the historical heritage of the Deadrise workboat. MAPC?s process for analyzing and optimizing propulsion system efficiency will also be discussed in detail.

Speaker | Drew Mutch, Principle Engineer, Maritime Applied Physics Corporation

2:30pm - 3:00pm | Women Mariners--Integrating Women into the Maritime Workforce

The Maritime Industry has had a long-standing tradition of crewing vessels almost exclusively with men. Women mariners make up only 2% of the maritime workforce while at the same time the supply of qualified, competent mariners continues to lag behind the demand. Progressive maritime companies understand that recruiting and retaining women mariners has the potential to play a key role in solving this workforce shortage. The first step towards that goal is to recognize, remove or manage the cultural and institutional barriers that have traditionally excluded women from the maritime workforce.

Speaker | Jeffrey Slesinger, Owner, Delphi Maritime, LLC


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