November 28 - 30, 2018

About the Conference

The WorkBoat Annual Conference – Dive Deeper

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Each year The International WorkBoat Show presents the WorkBoat Annual Conference curated by the editors of, WorkBoat Magazine, and the WorkBoat Content Team. This year’s Conference will be broken out across two days and will focus on five sectors: “Maintenance & Repair”, “Tugs & Coastal Towing” “Shipyards”, “Inland Waterways & Passenger Vessel” and “Offshore”. Each program is custom designed to provide high level education and networking opportunities in a comprehensive format.

The cornerstone of the program will be intensive half-day sessions that will allow the participants to dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities facing commercial mariners today. Led by industry experts, the program will encourage critical thinking as attendees work through issues, ask questions, and receive actionable information that they can immediately put to work. Once again this year, Maintenance & Repair Day which will take place on the first day of the show and include a full day program geared toward maintenance and repair professionals.  

2018 Annual Conference Programs & Pricing

Maintenance & Repair Day – full day program $350
(includes breakfast and lunch)

Wednesday, November 28th
8:00am – 2:00pm

Focused on all things maintenance and repair, this day will deliver extensive programming that supports and identifies the key challenges and opportunities across the industry. Discover the means of reliability and asset management, understand the importance of everyday maintenance whether predicted/scheduled or emergency, and engage in conversations with peers to further your business with emerging technologies and future trends.
Topics of interest: Maintenance Efficiency: Planned vs. Predictive | Alignment Methods & New Technologies | Fleet Management | Oil Analysis Case Study | Maximizing ROI
Invited Speaker Companies: Enterprise Marine Services, Bouchard Transportation Co, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, AME Solutions, Trident Reliability Services

Inland Waterways & Passenger Vessel Program – half day program $250
(includes lunch)

Thursday, November 29th
10:00am – 2:00pm

The booming ferry and inland overnight cruise markets has helped boost passenger vessel sector growth and stability. The sector is seeing new designs, green technologies to improved fleet management and other technology. In the inland waterways sector, increased freight opportunities from chemical plants should mean additional opportunities for barge companies while continuing to reduce the oversupply of equipment. Infrastructure improvements are in high demand as commercial and recreational transportation crowd the rivers. This program will address the strategic concepts in maintaining what is working and reversing what is not along the inland waterways and discuss what’s on the horizon.
Topics of Interest: Design Trends | Today’s Infrastructure | Adapting to Green Vessels | Surviving Coast Guard Inspections
Confirmed Featured Speaker: Michael Toohey, President/CEO of Waterways Council, Inc.
Invited Speaker Companies: Incat Crowther, DeJong & Lebet Inc, Passenger Vessel Association, Kirby Corporation, BAE Systems, Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine, Louisiana State University

Tugs & Coastal Towing – half day program $250
(includes lunch)

Wednesday, November 28th       
10:00am – 2:00pm

Modernization of tug, tow, and coastal barge fleets will be examined. This program is designed to deliver a comprehensive overview of fleet design and market trends. From new Z-drives on the Mississippi River to Tier 4 diesels and even hybrid propulsion, tug and towboat designers and builders are putting out innovative solutions for the industry.
Topics of interest: Expansion of Z-Drive Use | Design Trends for ATBS | Simulator Training | Bigger Tugs with Bigger Emissions
Invited Speaker Companies: E.N. Bisso, Bisso Towboat, Jensen Maritime, Ocean Tug & Barge, Engineering Corp, Washburn & Doughty Associates Inc, MITAGS-PMI, G&H Towing Company, SUNY Maritime

Offshore Program – half day program $250
(includes lunch)

Thursday, November 29th
10:00am – 2:00pm

In recent years, the offshore industry has had its challenges. However, government officials and oil companies remain optimistic that offshore reserves will be needed in the future. With emerging technology trends and the growth of renewable energy sources, more opportunity lies ahead. This program will identify the key components to sustaining the offshore sector now and into the future.
Topics of Interest: OSV Update & Market Overview | Vessel Reactivation & Class Renewal | Future of Offshore Wind & Energy | Oil & Gas Companies: Continuing to Adapt
Invited Speaker Companies: Deepwater Wind, IHS Markit, ABS, BOEM, Shell, Exxon, BP, USCG

Shipyard Program – half day program $250
(includes happy hour)

Thursday, November 29th
1:00pm – 5:00pm

Shipyards are an integral part of the commercial marine industry. Shipyards are continually seeking innovative techniques to increase efficiency and safety. From design and construction trends to technological advancements and regulatory compliance, the importance of relevant, up-to-date information is crucial in today’s competitive environment — one characterized by more shipyards chasing fewer contracts. Hear what’s working and what’s not. This program will provide an in-depth look at the significance and importance of the shipyard industry.
Topics of Interest: Commercial & Government Market Overview | Personnel Opportunities & Challenges | Design Trends | New Construction & Cycle of Building a Boat
Confirmed Featured Speaker: Francesco Valente, President & CEO, Fincantieri Marine Group
Invited Speaker Companies: All American Marine, Metal Shark, Technology Associates Inc, Yank Marine, Vigor, Great Lakes Shipyard

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