Wednesday, Nov 29 - Friday, Dec 1, 2017

Track: Technical

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The marine industry is a constantly evolving technological environment.  Learn how the latest innovations can bring efficiency and enhance quality – from the corporate office to the vessel engine room.=



30 Nov 2016
01 Dec 2016
02 Dec 2016

Autonomous Vessels: Making the Concept Commercially Viable

Autonomy is rapidly making its way into the consumer marketplace with airborne drones, self-parking and driver-assist cars. In the commercial sector we are now seeing autonomous tractors and construction equipment....
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Courtney Bradbury

Improving Shipbuilding Safety

On big job sites or applications where welding takes place at significant distances from the power source such as shipbuilding, remote welding control technology offers the ability to set welding...
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Joe Ryan

Training for Crews Aboard LNG Fueled Vessels

LNG as a fuel is no longer something way off in the future. It’s here now. This presentation will discuss some of the properties of this new fuel and show...
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Thomas Guldner

Innovative Ways to Solve Emissions Problems Without Compromising Fuel Consumption

Marine vessels face increasingly stringent global emission standards. The latest change alone requires more than a 70% emission reduction. To comply, marine engine technology had to advance. Today, there are...
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Mukul Girotra

LNG Bunkering Infrastructure

LNG continues to grow as a fuel of choice for many vessel owner/operators. But what comes first, the infrastructure or the customer? Hear from key marine industry leaders about the...
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Rafael Riva
Joshua Sebastian
David Grucza

Spotlight Session: PT-305 Restoration for Operational Passenger Service.

The National WWII Museum is near completion of a multi-year project to restore a historic PT boat built by Higgins Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In 2017, the Museum plans...
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Improved Operational Profile and Maneuverability

In just 10 years, pod systems have revolutionized high-speed planing vessel design and performance by delivering exceptional fuel efficiency, maneuverability, stability and comfort on board. This session is intended for...
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Gerard Torneman
Jens Bering
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