Wednesday, Nov 30 - Friday, Dec 2, 2016

New Products

Take an exclusive look at the hottest new products and services exhibitors will feature at the 2015 International WorkBoat Show.


Torque TrackBinsfeld Engineering Booth 4670

TorqueTrak TPM2, Torque & Power Monitoring System

Binsfeld Engineering is pleased to introduce the new TorqueTrak TPM2 torque and power monitoring system for rotating shafts. The all-digital system features a RS422 full-duplex interface with system setup and configuration via computer software (provided).



Torque Track 20KBinsfeld Engineering Booth 4670

TorqueTrak 20K telemetry instrument

The new TorqueTrak 20K telemetry instrument is the latest and greatest for measuring true mechanical torque on a rotating shaft. The system includes Transmitter, Receiver, USB cable and PC software program. Multiple Gain Levels and Sampling Rates. 16 data channels.



CarbothermCarboline Company Booth 1317

Carbotherm 551

Carbotherm 551 is an epoxy-based composite coating with superior impact, chemical, and permeation resistance. It was created for physically demanding environments. It is an ideal protective heat barrier with insulative properties keeping structures exposed to solar radiation significantly cooler.



Marine DuctwrapCertainTeed Corporation Booth 4810

Marine Ductwrap

CertainTeed offers sustainable ductwrap solutions for Marine HVAC applications. Fully certified by the US Coast Guard. Marine ductwrap is an installer friendly product featuring low itch and dust. Available in several densities and thickness either unfaced or with an FSK facing.



Marine InsulationCertainTeed Corporation Booth 4810

Ultimate USeaProtect

Isover Ultimate U SeaProtect provides excellent fire, thermal and acoustic insulation Marine solutions. Fully MED and Coast Guard certified Ultimate can deliver up to 35% weight savings over stone wool. Available in slabs or blankets and unfaced or faced.



Vibration IsolatorChristie & Grey Inc Booth 2163

TSC T-30 Vibration Isolator

Introducing the newest member of the Christie & Grey TSC family. Superior performance and service life now extends up to 15000kg per isolator. 4750 kg of additional capacity achieved without increasing isolator size. Cost-effective has been again redefined.



Research VesselDerecktor Shipyards Booth 3450

Hybrid Research Vessel

63' Aluminum Catamaran to a design by Incat Crowther. First hybrid research/classroom vessel in the world. Advanced Hybridrive system provides both virtually silent propulsion and full ship’s electrical service. Flexible layout and spaces accommodate a variety of functions. 65 Passenger capacity



Techni Ice CoolerFathom It Distributing Booth 1965

Techniice Signature Series Coolers

The #1 Cooler in the world! Techniice Signature Series ice chests will keep ice longer than any other cooler! Keeps ice for 8-25 Days! 3.5" thick lid, 2.9" walls Dual Seal Air Lock System       Stainless steel latches Heavy duty rope handles          Integrated anchor points Lifetime warranty



Gunny Dog Welding AidFit Up Gear/Romar/MEC LLC Booth 3140

Gunny Dog

A non welded fitting aid that assists the make up and gapping of vertical seams, deck seams and other plate joints that typically require the use of dogs, wedges, fish tail jacks or other traditional welded fitting aids.



PadeyesFit Up Gear/Romar/MEC LLC Booth 3140


Available now for the first time ever. The one time use weldable forged Padeye for lifting. Engineered and certified to meet ALL BTH-1 classes and divisions. In stock. Ready to ship. Available in 6 sizes from 1/2 ton through 6-1/2 ton capacities.



Flange Wizard ImagerFlange Wizard Booth 4641

MHI650 Multi-Hole Imager

The Multi-Hole Imager is one of Flange Wizard®s newest layout tools. The 150lb pull “OFF/ON” magnet makes positioning on all surfaces easy. Layout elongated holes in bulkheads for pipe at any angle up to 18” in diameter. Odd angles of saddle holes (ellipse) for pipe branches are made easy.



Geo FencingFloscan Instrument Co Booth 3210

DataLog with GeoFencing Capability

FloScan's new Geo-Fencing feature tracks fuel consumption within user designated areas, a major benefit to inland fleets who file for fuel taxes under the Inland Waterways Revenue Act. Just one of the benefits of our innovative DataLog Software package available FREE OF CHARGE with FloNET systems!



Marine Duty Oil Shear Motor BrakeForce Control Industries Inc Booth 1357

MagnaShear MSB12 Marine Duty Oil Shear Motor Brake

The new MagnaShear MSB 12 Marine Duty Totally Enclosed Oil Shear Motor Brake fits 150 HP 445T frame brake motors. With brake release indicator, encoder, no adjustment – ever, and torque up to 1250 Lb. Ft. this brake is ideal for larger tuggers, winches, and cranes.



Fuel Tracks Screen ShotFuelTrax/Nautical Control Solutions LP Booth 4207

FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management

Totally transparent and highly secure, the 4G upgrade to FuelNet™ displays details of OSV fuel-use and activities around an offshore platform. Every 15 minutes, FuelTrax® sends to FuelNet GPS-stamped updates for: Operating Mode, Status, Speed, Burn Rate, Fuel Economy, and more.



Global Data IPTVGlobal Data Systems Booth 1753

Global IPTV

Global IPTV is a solution tailored for delivering advanced IP video and content services worldwide. The system provides a turnkey solution for the entertainment and content needs for Oil & Gas. It is designed to support a wide range of live, pre-recorded, and distributed content services delivery.



Gordhead LogoGORDHEAD Booth 3263


We manage our shipbuilding projects like no other builder in the industry. We created and utilize an internal real time communication system (referred to as “GORDHEAD”) that enables our management and production teams to communicate in seconds, not hours, days or weeks. The software is web based.



Helm Connect AppHelm Operations Booth 3711


Helm is revolutionizing the commercial maritime industry with its planned maintenance and compliance software. Helm CONNECT is so easy to install, learn and use that crews and engineers actually want to use it. At Helm, we help operators get ahead of their maintenance with software that works.


Blue Box IPInnovative Marine Safety Booth 818

Blue Box IP Blue Box IP is the latest High Definition vessel recording system from IMS. Adding HD video, AIS and GPS recording to our existing platform makes Blue Box better than ever. Please visit us at booth 818.


PedestalKaydon Corporation Booth 1564

The Cooper Quick Change™ Pedestal

Cooper Roller Bearings, Booth 1564, will introduce the new Quick Change™ Pedestal that reduces downtime. The split-to-the-shaft design of Cooper bearings is known for saving change-out time and the new Quick Change™ angled pedestal saves even more, sliding under the shaft without a hoist or jack.



OXE Diesel OutboardLaborde Products Inc Booth 2227

OXE Diesel Outboard Engine

OXE is the world's first high performance diesel outboard, setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine. At peak power, the L4 engine runs at 200 HP at 4100 rpm. The engine has a proven robust design and is directly replaceable with other outboards.


Logan Flexible DriveLogan Clutch Corp Booth 2059

Logan Flexible Drive The New Logan Flexible Drive System is sandwiched between your engine and transmission, and allows up to 8 live PTO pump pads for a wide range of hydraulic pumps for regular ship operations, as well as FiFi, and future “Hybrid Ready” requirements. Short axial length plus full torque transmission.


E P 2 GreaseLubriplate Lubricants Booth 405

LUBRIPLATE ATB Biobased EP-2 Grease

Environmentally acceptable lubricant to protect your vessel, equipment and environment. Meets VGP requirements, passes US EPA sheen test 1617, US EPA toxicity test LC-50. For articulated tug barge notch interface, coupler ram, drive screws, etc.




Advanced Dual Channel TDRMegger Distribution Booth 1149

TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

The Megger TDR2050 is a dual trace TDR ideal for locating faults on paired metallic cables. It's the first in its class to have 600V CATIV input protection filter built in, giving the ability to connect to known live lines; very useful for detecting illegal taps without having to power down a line.



Battery ChargersNEWMAR Booth 2707

PTMP Series Battery Chargers

Newmar’s modular smart chargers are innovative in function, serviceability and ruggedized protection, featuring user programmability for battery type and operational limits, with LCD screen and alarms reporting status and fault conditions. Service while onboard via plug-in modular components.





Nobeltec Coastal MonitoringNobeltec Inc Booth 2164

Nobeltec TimeZero Coastal Monitoring

Collision avoidance and preventing Piracy and Terrorism are crucial to keeping oil platforms safe. Nobeltec TimeZero Coastal Monitoring is the first true turnkey solution for surveillance and security of oil platforms.



Marine First Aid KitOceanMedix Booth 3861

Commercial Vessel Medical Kits

Medical Kits configured to meet the demanding needs of the commercial marine market. Available in both "coastal" and "offshore" versions in three sizes - to accommodate the number of POB, duration of trip, and distance away from professional medical care.




Boat Operator Safety SuitOcean Rodeo Marine Safety & Survival Booth 4869

Boat Operator Safety Suit (BOSS)

Easily convertible from foul weather gear to full drysuit the BOSS is an entirely new concept in open cockpit Boat Operator Safety Suits. Now in use by the Canadian Coast Guard & Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue!






Omenium Omni SkyOmenium SA de C.v Booth 1151


The OmniSkyOne is a complete weather monitoring station that collects and display the current situation. In addition, the data is shared over a database where is is made available to all your team member 24/7, making it an invaluable tool for planing and managing you operations.



Ship Monitoring SystemOpDAQ Systemes Inc Booth 4670

Op-Ship Monitoring System

A complete ship monitoring solution to help you keep an eye on your fleet. Cost effective solution for a maximum payback - High accuracy monitoring using Binsfeld Engineering torquemeters and KRAL flowmeters - Cloud / Web based Application - Easy to install Daisy-Chain system so you can DIY - Upgradable: add sensors at any time.


Castoldi WaterjetPerformance Diesel Inc Booth 2601

CastoldiJet Castoldi waterjet drives are probably the most efficient ones on the market, at high speed, capable of outperforming stern drives and even of matching surface propeller drives.


Racor Fuel CartRacor Division of Parker Hannifin Booth 3111

CLEANDiesel Fuel Cart

Part # - FC-16-25 Up to 16 GPM flow rate 25 micron fuel filter / water separator - standard Differential pressure gauge for filter change out Water sight glass and drain valve No tools required for service Transfers fuel Polishes fuel Replacement elements in 1, 10 and 25 micron efficiencies



Radar ScreenshotRose Point Navigation Systems Booth 1456

Commercial Radar Interface

Rose Point's new Commercial Radar Interface box provides mariners a powerful navigation solution to overlay radar images onto charts in Rose Point ECS. Navigation charts are seamlessly matched with radar returns on one screen, giving you all the information you need to navigate with confidence.



CoverallsScandia Gear Booth 303


Because your workforces are worldwide—ScanGlobal Multi-Hazard coveralls meet the requirements of safety directives in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for flame-retardancy, static elimination, and protection against UV radiation.



Eco PropellerSchottel Inc Booth 2733

EcoPeller New SCHOTTEL EcoPeller SRE, a highly efficient thruster optimized for open sea and coastal operating conditions: The SRE offers top values for the overall efficiency and course keeping stability of the ship. Power ratings up to approx. 5,000 kW



Fuel PrimerSepar of the Americas Booth 2853

Reverso's Fuel Primer - FP-321 Series

Reverso's FP-321 Series makes priming of a diesel engine fuel system, easier, faster, and safer than manually priming during routine filter changes. The system pumps fuel into the lines, purging trapped air in the main feed line, primary filters, secondary filters, and engine. Offered in 12 or 24V.



Window AssemblyShip Interior Systems, LLC Booth 3852

A-60 Window Assembly

Our newest U.S. Coast Guard/SOLAS approved Class A-60 window tested to the latest IMO 2010 Fire Test Procedure code. Made in America to provide faster lead times and support the Buy America Act. We provide engineering support and competitive prices for all types of ship windows.   USCG#164.137/20/0



Halo RadarSimrad - Navico Booth 2635

Halo™ Radar

Combining the best characteristics of our traditional pulse and 4G broadband radar systems, Simrad Halo™ Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to deliver an unprecedented mix of close and long range detection, precise target definition, and low clutter.



Bilge FilterSkimOil Inc - Bilge Water Systems Booth 1606

The Bilge Filter The simple flow thru filter system that works with any bilge pump and removes oils from your bilge water. The Bilge Filter is designed for smaller vessels  not mandated to have a full blown oil water separator.  At 1/10th  the cost and size of an oily water separator, this can fit your budget and space. It's plumbed, assembled and ready to be installed and go to work removing oil. The #TBF3X system ass'y has 1 sediment filter and and two OilSmart oil removal filters with a gate valve and pressure gauge. Also available with IMO/MEPC 107 (49) oil content monitor that logs every discharge.



Battery SystemSpear Power Systems Booth 4351

Trident Scalable Battery System

Introducing Trident Battery System, a family of marine batteries from Spear. The modular design, industry-leading power density and unparalleled capability to meet the most demanding space and voltage challenges make Spear’s Trident line the battery of choice for new or retrofit applications.



Bulb FlatsSteel of West Virginia Booth 506

Bulb Flats

Steel of West Virginia, Inc. is proud to offer domestically produced bulb flats, the plate stiffener of choice for the shipbuilding industry. Currently in sizes from 120mm to 240mm, with sizes 260mm and larger under development. Standard length is 40', and custom lengths are available by request.


TMS Marine Automation & ControlsTMS - LevelCom Booth 4251

TMS Marine Automation & Controls TMS LevelCom maker of Liquid Level Computers introduces their marine automation and controls systems. Since 1987, TMS has developed comprehensive marine automation design packages for retrofit and new installations of OEM Control Systems. Plant Controls, Vessel Propulsion and Auxiliaries.


Deep Blue HybridTorqeedo Booth 4619

Deep Blue Hybrid

This scalable 40 to 160hp hybrid solution taps solar, shore power and the regenerative power of its propellers to charge high-capacity batteries, greening your fleet. Its groundbreaking Hybrid Management System regulates power for motors and house loads, minimizing fuel costs and extending range.



BiosonicUltra-Sonitec LLC Booth 1454

H2oBioSonic Advanced Ultrasonic Bio-Fouling & Scaling Prevention System

H2oBioSonic is a high-power advanced ultrasonic bio-fouling & scaling prevention system for commercial marine applications. Provides powerful protection against bio-fouling & scaling for hulls, raw water systems, heat exchangers, sea chests, & pipework; providing multi-channel savings to operators.



Virtual BeaconVesper Marine Booth 729

Virtual AIS Beacon

The new and innovative Virtual AIS Beacon™ addresses the need to make hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or is impossible to deploy. The Virtual AIS Beacon takes advantage of Vesper Marine's unique AIS technology to protect marine assets.



Chesterton Lid LockW & O Booth 2141

Chesterton Lid-Lock

Lid-Lock - Designed to handle the unique hatch sealing requirements found on marine transport equipment. Constructed to withstand repeated opening and closing under the harshest conditions. Available in bulk lengths and custom pre-formed endless rings. Visit W&O at #2141



Perma PipeW & O Booth 2141

Perma-Pipe Xtru-Therm®

XTRU-THERM® - Pre-insulated piping system for fluids with temperatures from -340 to +250ºF. The extruded HDPE jacket results in a completely bonded system that moves as a single unit for maximum efficiency and service life. Visit W&O at #2414.




Sperre Pleat CoolersW & O Booth 2141

SPERRE Pleat Cooler

Sperre Pleat Cooler – A module based, patented cooling system that uses open elements for easy handling and maintenance. Sperre Pleat Cooler provides low life cycle cost, reduced maintenance time, along with easy and safe assembly. Visit W&O at #2141.



Tranberg Search LightW & O Booth 2141

Tranberg Searchlight

Made from the highest quality materials, Tranberg Searchlights are designed to work in the toughest environments on the planet. Operational down to -52oC (-60oF), the Searchlights are suitable for all vessels. Can be controlled by the brand new Tranberg software.



Hyde MarineW & O Booth 2141

Hyde Marine The proven reliability of Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® – the most used ballast water treatment system in the world – harnesses Hyde Marine’s 150 years of maritime leadership, giving you the confidence you need. Visit us at the W&O Booth #2141.


Mud Vent ValveWager Company Booth 1848

Mud Vent Valve

Announcing Wager’s 1500-MV Mud Valve. Designed with a spring loaded door ( NOT a burst disc ) for ease of maintenance and lowered production costs. The 1500-MV is ABS APPROVED. It is available in galvanized steel, 316 SS, and aluminum upon request. Sizes 4”-10”.



Portable PowerWalther Electric Booth 4206

Portable Power for Welding Applications

Walther Electric introduces a robust line of portable power distribution systems specifically designed for shipyard welding applications. The enclosure is constructed of a heavy duty vulcanized rubber with up to 400 amp input, a main disconnect switch, and a choice of output interconnects.



Wheelhouse AppWheelhouse Technologies Booth 3861

WheelHouse Underway

WheelHouse Underway provides off-line syncing access to the WheelHouse Marine Maintenance System from any iOS, Android, or Surface tablet. WheelHouse Underway provides an easy way to view equipment information, documents, as well as to view and complete alerts when not connected to the internet.



Rapid Repair ClampWorld Wide Metric Booth 3235

Rapid Repair Clamp

The Rapid Repair Clamp is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily repair pipe leaks and bursts. It can be installed by one person in less than 60 seconds — without the use of any tools! Available in a variety of sizes, it is an essential tool to prevent costly damages in an emergency situation!






Multi Part SlingYale Cordage Inc Booth 3720

MP8™ Multi-Part Heavy-Lift Sling

MP8™ MULTIPART HEAVY-LIFT SLING - Replace rusty wire rope slings with Yale Cordage’s NEW lightweight, weather-resistant sling. MP8’s are ideal for use in shipyards and are available from 10 ton to 500 Ton in the length you need.




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