Wednesday, Nov 29 - Friday, Dec 1, 2017

New Products

Take an exclusive look at the hottest new products and services exhibitors will feature at the 2016 International WorkBoat Show.

Zelda HVLS Pump

WindTrans Systems Ltd – Booth: 4015

ZELDA Pumps 90gals/min by hand, 300 gal/250 rpm. Weighs 45lbs self-primes lifts 27ft. Zelda is ideal for “oil spills-toxic & chemical cleanup”. Operates efficiently forward or reverse able to flush lines running reverse. Zelda available with gas, diesel, hydraulic & pneumatic driven powered platform

W&O SternSeal

W&O Supply – Booth: 2017

W&O SternSeal is a Flax Fiber braided packing designed specifically for the marine industry for use in Stern Tubes, Post and Rudder Seals and cold water gasket and hatch applications to keep water from leaking into the vessel.


American Vulkan Corporation – Booth: 3817

The highly flexible VULKARDAN F is the successor of the well-established VULKARDAN E.Characterized by a very compact, lightweight & cost efficient design.
The VULKARDAN F is made for free standing installations in main propulsion,auxiliary drives and power generation.

Vertical Anchor Windlass

Schoellhorn-Albrecht – Booth: 2348

Schoellhorn-Albrecht Vertical Anchor Windlass is available as an electric or hydraulic. The Windlass is a Thru-the-Deck design & offers a tremendous amount of power in a compact unit. The Windlasses are built to ABS rules or can be custom designed for your specific application & space restrictions.

VDO AcquaLink

VDO Instrumentation (Continental) – Booth: 1606

VDO AcquaLink is an advanced, NMEA 2000 based engine monitoring and navigation system complete with sensors, displays, gauges and the powerful VDO Nav Box that is an Analog/J1939/NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 gateway that can tie all engine, navigation and operation inputs into a combined network.

TR31 Tight Radius System

Harken Industrial – Booth: 4134

Work Securely and Safely

The TR31Tight Radius rail and trolley system works as an adjustable anchorage point for fall restraint on marine vessels. Rails have straight, curved, 200mm radiused bends that change direction in horizontal/vertical planes. Trollies run smoothly around tight radii/joint.

Torque Limiter

Lo-Rez Vibration Control – Booth: 2240

The Lo-Rez adjustable torque limiter (US Patent 9255612) has been developed for drive lines requiring protection from torque overload, without the downtime while replacing shear pins. If needed, release torque can be adjusted from the wheelhouse

Teekay Axilock Fire Proof Coupling

Teekay Couplings Limited – Booth: 3649

The new, patented Teekay Axilock Fire Proof Coupling includes a unique internal fireproof sleeve that cannot be lost, damaged or removed. It easily withstands a hydrocarbon flame test at more than 800 degrees, after which the internal gasket still looks like new. See the video:

TaxLog Feature for FloNET DataLog System

FloScan – Booth: 1805

NEW TaxLog Feature accurately computes fuel consumption for Inland Waterways Revenue Act fuel tax compliance. Automatically tracks main engine fuel consumption when vessels enter and exit any of the 27 taxable U.S. inland river waterways.


FuelTrax – Booth: 2754

Monitor vessel emissions compliance with StackTrax, now available in the FuelTrax system!

FuelTrax, established in 2006 as the first real-time marine fuel management system, now includes StackTrax for transparent and continuous emissions monitoring. Visit booth 2754 to learn more about StackTrax!

Sperre Shell & Tube

W&O Supply, Inc. – Booth: 2017

Sperre has specialized its production of heat exchangers to enable customized solutions based on standard heat exchanger models. Sperre offers more than 200 standard models of shell & tube heat exchangers with cooling surfaces from 0.2 to 350 m2.

SLIMLINE A-60 Rated Marine Fire Dampers

Delta T Systems, Inc. – Booth: 2011

The new SLIMLINE A-60 rated fire damper has been designed specifically for marine workboat applications in engine rooms and other A-60 rated spaces. This USCG/MED approved damper is built from 316 stainless steel and is available in 28 standard sizes or in custom configurations up to 46″ x 46″.

Roxtec SPM Seal

Roxtec, Inc – Booth: 1616

The Roxtec SPM is a light-weight, non-weld seal that can be used with metal pipe. It is quick and easy to install from only one side of steel decks or bulkheads and maintains a tight seal around the pipe, even in irregular openings. Indicators show when full compression is achieved.


PRUFTECHNIK Inc. – Booth: 2950

ROTALIGN touch is the first cloud-enabled touchscreen laser shaft alignment system with integrated mobile connectivity. 3D display animations and wizard guidance make the alignment experience as easy as using a tablet and it is fully designed to meet the requirements of the smart factory.

PMC series 8014 Navigation Light Control panel

Prime Mover Controls Inc. – Booth: 2653

Control, alarm and monitoring of LED navigation light fixtures for failure or wire breakage as well as power source availability.

Panel provides automatic transfer for power and fixture failure.

12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 120 Vac, or 240 Vac operation in a variety of sizes to suit vessel requirements.

Patented Low Profile Cable Ties and Route Systems

Cobra Cable Ties – Booth: 835

The patented Low Profile Tie and FlexRoute products provide a superior solution to the Maritime, Defense, and Oil & Gas industries. With features of a retaining pocket that allows for improved performance and reliability of electrical & Comm systems while reducing crew and operation hazards

OmniCom Workboat

McMurdo – Booth: 827

OmniCom Workboat, McMurdo’s next-gen fleet management solution, connects ships to shore-side operations with 100% global coverage. Linked with McMurdo PRISMA software platform, OmniCom Workboat raises productivity with worldwide monitoring, messaging and reporting via 3G/Iridium least-cost routing.

Ocean Series Integrated Propulsion Unit

Nautican – Booth: 3315

The Nautican Ocean Series is a complete line of fully engineered Integrated Propulsion Units, designed for heavily loaded work boat applications. The Series combines high-efficiency nozzles, triple rudders, pre-swirl stators and propellers to deliver a level of performance that cannot be duplicated.

Novurania Catamaran Pro 24

Novurania of America, Inc. – Booth: 3880

The Catamaran Pro 24 is 7.0 meters with a soft-riding twin hull & solid hand-laid fiberglass deck/hull customizable to any commercial needs. Transport heavy equipment and divers with push-button hydraulic bow ramp. Power options include O/B or diesel I/O with custom console & seating arrangements.

MegaPress Stainless fittings

Viega LLC – Booth: 1101

Viega’s MegaPress® Stainless, an innovative pipe fitting for 304 & 316 stainless steel Sched 10 & 40 pipe. Viega manufactures and distributes the world’s best shipbuilding and offshore flameless pipe joining systems. See MegaPress® Stainless and tour the Viega Promotion Truck in booth # 1101.


Marine Learning Systems – Booth: 1061

Effectively deliver and track training with the most advanced learning management system, built specifically for the maritime industry. Backed by over 20 years of experience, MarineLMS is used by the world’s most prominent operators.

Simplify your training management. Achieve superior safety.


Ducab – Booth: 3941

– For ship Wiring Applications suitable for all shipboard and marine applications.
– Available in fire resistance design.
– All materials are halogen-free.
– XLPE stands for cross-linked polyethylene compound.
– Excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics.

Marine Watch

Auto-Maskin LLC – Booth: 2361

The Marine Watch system is an effective and attractive Vessel alarm panel, with a clear and intuitive operator interface.

The 12.1″ color touch screen is a marine grade, high resolution panel.

The system architecture is scalable and can be used in small to medium sized installations.

MagnaShear Hazardous Duty Motor Brake

Force Control Industries, Inc. – Booth: 1960

The new MagnaShear hazardous duty motor brakes meet Class I and Class II Div 2 specifications. Oil shear technology provides 5 to 10 times longer service life with virtually no maintenance, and no adjustment-ever! Quick mount totally enclosed design for marine duty applications. Visit Booth #1960.


Llebroc industries – Booth: 1748

Standard Features on all Series 2 Seats

All aluminum construction constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum
AquaFlex seat comfort system ****
The entire unit is protected by a UV texture powder coat.
Seat comes standard with Ultra Leather material
All modular seat assembly
Dual positive lock seat

G&O Bioreactor

W&O Supply – Booth: 2017

The G&O Bioreactor is a sewage treatment system that can handle all grey and black waste water without consumables such as filters, membranes or chemicals. The system is operating in more than 260 vessels and has an excellent track record.

FUTERRA™ High Performance Hydraulic Fluid (HF) Series

RSC Bio Solutions – Booth: 551

FUTERRA™, a revolutionary product line of Ecolabel certified lubricants, is the most durable Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL). This renewable hydrocarbon outperforms other EALs while meeting global environmental regulations. With a 10-year limited warranty, this EAL provides peace of mind.

Fortis2 Heavy-lift Multipart Sling

Yale Cordage – Booth: 2841

Fortis2 Slings are heavy-lift, multipart slings made with our
Unitrex™ XS Max Wear synthetic cable.
• 80% lighter than a comparable wire rope sling
• Stiff enough to push under objects
• More durable than traditional fiber slings
• One person able to lift eye to crane hook
• Will not corrode

FireIce Shield

FireIce Solutions, LLC – Booth: 4158

Eco-friendly gel for fire suppression and prevention; essential for hot work activities. Shield instantly cools, prevents heat transfer, provides protective layer for adjacent surfaces. Effective up to 10,000 degrees F, pretreat to prevent fire and protect surrounding surfaces from sparks or flame

Delta T Systems Dry Exhaust By DINAK

Delta T Systems, Inc. – Booth: 2011

Delta T Systems has teamed up with DINAK to offer turnkey modular dry stack diesel exhaust systems for both inland and offshore workboat applications. Insulated components that clamp together in pre-engineered designs provide substantial savings in weight, cost and installation time for the builder.

Composite Marine Bearings

Tenmat Inc. – Booth: 555

FEROFORM and RAILKO are advanced composite bearing materials, exclusively manufactured by TENMAT. TENMAT bearings are an environment friendly solution for demanding applications such as stern tube, rudder and propeller bearings, steering gear, cranes, davits and many other applications.

Boat Shaft

Round Ground Metals, Inc. – Booth: 543


Consistent, high-quality shaft increases your efficiency. Improved efficiency leads to increased revenue.

Up to 12″ diameter
Straightness 0.0015″ TIR/FT
Roundness 1/2 Diameter tolerance
Surface finish 32 RA or better

Parts Produced

BioGrease M 3

BioBlend – Booth: 4230

BioGrease M 3 is the ideal EAL grease solution in marine environments. It is formulated with environmentally friendly rust and anti-wear additives and is excellent at shedding water and adhering to the lubricated surfaces in trunnions, open gears, dredging spud rails other marine applications.

Automatic Honing & Deglazing Machine Type HONA

KE Marine, Inc. – Booth: 3455

Automatic honing machine for restoration of medium speed engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.
The electrically-driven honing and deglazing machine features adjustable stone pressure and a programmable handheld PLC controller, which includes automatic stroke control functionality.

AlphaScan 5900

Alphatron Marine USA – Booth: 1241

Powered by JRC!

Offered with AlphaScreen 19-inch and 26-inch completely new proprietary displays following the latest standards and a wide range of scanners. From 10 and 25kW X-band to 30kW traditional S-band as well as JRC’s unique 8’ solid state S-band unit.

A smart multi button/trackball contro


Vision X Lighting – Booth: 4159

10-watt or 60-watt junction box cube light allows you to convert a standard AC box to a working light fixture. With 4 conduit openings you can add light to any area within your current conduit network. The cube light offers either PC or Glass curved lens, 180 degree beam angle and is IP69K rated.

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