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Take an exclusive look at the hottest new products and services that were featured at the 2014 International WorkBoat Show.

Advanced Logistics Logo
Advanced Logistics
Booth 1557

Logistics Management Suite
Advanced Logistics' “LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SUITE” is designed to allow all our software applications to interact with each other or independently. The Logistics Management Suite showcases near real-time information based upon user preferences in a collaborative web-based work environment.


Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle
B3C Fuel Solutions
Booth 4115

Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle
Test - Fix - Prevent. Fix all of your Diesel needs with full line up of Diesel products:
   Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle
   Diesel Test Swabs Diesel
   Tank Snakes


Cascade Wireless Vibration Sensor Node
Cascade MVS
Booth 4161

Cascade Wireless Vibration Sensor Node
Vibration Sensor Nodes are at home in the most inaccessible, inhospitable corners of your facility, monitoring your machine health quickly and accurately.


Vibration Isolator
Christie & Grey Inc
Booth 2256

TSC T7 Vibration Isolator
Introducing the newest member of the Christie & Grey TSC family. Superior performance now extends up to 10250kg per isolator. 3000 kg (6613 lbs) of additional capacity achieved without increasing isolator size. Cost-effective has been redefined.


Corvus Battery
Corvus Energy Limited
Booth 764

Liquid Cooled Lithium Battery
Corvus AT6500-Liquid Cooled Lithium Battery. From the leaders in marine energy storage comes more performance in a smaller, lighter footprint. Faster charging and increased power output for vessels and drilling rigs.


Rugged Computer
Crystal Group, Inc
Booth 367

RE0814 - Rugged Embedded Computer
i3 and i7 Ivy Bridge Processors Fanless Option Available +85C Operational Temp RAID-5 SSD Available Physically Compact 19" Rack or Panel/Wall Mount


Fire Damper
Delta T Systems Inc
Booth 2022

Low Profile A-60 Rated Fire Damper
Delta T Systems’ new low profile A-60 rated fire dampers have set a new industry standard at only four inches deep. They are made entirely of 316 stainless steel and are available in sizes up to 48”x48” (1219mm x 1219mm).


Step Marine
Electro Plastics Inc / Step Marine
Booth 4156

STEP Marine
STEP Marine is a flexible self-regulating PTC semi-conductive polymer heater. Used for heating and deicing, it can be installed under decks, in bulkheads, walls and floors. It is designed for a lifetime continuous duty on 24V AC or DC.


Ellingsen Hydrovac
Ellingsen NOR Instruments
Booth 1320

Hydrovac® Oil Purifier
Proven, cost effective, compact and mobile cleaning technology for Hydraulic oil, based on combination of vacuum distillation and rapid expansion of air bubbles through heated oil. Removes 100% free, 90-100% emulsified water and gases. Oil & Gas, Marine, MMO and Industrial applications.


Engine I
enginei (Royston Marine)
Booth 4112

enginei is designed for workboats and offshore vessels and enables volumetric or mass flow measurement of engine consumption and bunker transfer, data logging with interactive onboard displays and remote transfer to a website.


FLIR Camera
FLIR Systems
Booth 2237

MV-Series Thermal Imaging Camera System
FLIR MV-Series is a high performance, multi-sensor, long range imaging system featuring a mix of infrared thermal, color daylight, and lowlight camera options. Standard active gyro-stabilization, radar tracking, and video tracking ensure that the camera is always on-target.


FloNET DataLog System
Floscan Instrument Co
Booth 1607

FloNET DataLog Fuel Monitoring System
FloScan's FloNET DataLog System displays, records and transmits fuel flow and vessel data. Fishermen have found it to be an invaluable tool for identifying ways to reduce operating costs through fuel savings and the use of more efficient gear.


Bunker Air Management System
FRM Technologies
Booth 3156

Bunker Air Management System (B.A.M.)
Our system allows for the removal of entrained air throughout all stages of fuel transfer and provides unprecedented results in metering accuracy. The key element of the technology is the removal of all air from liquid under full-flow conditions.


Fuel Trax Logo
FuelTrax (Nautical Control Solutions LP)
Booth 3977

FuelTrax is the Transparent Fuel Management Solution for bunkering validation, fuel efficiency and accountability for the Vessel Owners and Charterers. Over 200 installations Offshore, Inland and Oceangoing Vessels.


Stromag Vector Coupling
Booth 3819

GKN Stromag Vector Coupling
Save time and money with the new GKN Stromag Vector Coupling with its compact design, high misalignment capability, outstanding ventilation for heat dissipation, zero backlash, reduced installation time and low reaction forces.


Automatic Brake Anchor Windlass
Hypac USA
Booth 3373

Automatic Brake Anchor Windlass
Designed for underdeck installation to save deck space and remote operation from the wheelhouse to maximize the safety of your crew. Dual speed operation allows fast haul-in and creep speed for anchor stowage. Innovative, Lightweight, Powerful and Safe!


Safety Track
Jessup Manufacturing
Booth 237

Safety Track® Military Grade
Safety Track® Military Grade is a peel-and-stick non-skid silicon carbide grit tape that exceeds OSHA and MIL-PRF-24667C standards. It provides superior long term anchorage on a wide variety of outdoor/indoor surfaces, including decks, ladders, and buildings.


Tier 3 Engine
John Deere Power Systems
Booth 2402

Tier 3 auxiliary engine
PowerTech auxiliary diesel engines are ideal for powering a variety of deck auxiliaries including pumps, winches, cranes, hydraulics and generators. The lineup meets EPA Marine Tier 3 emissions regulations for U.S. waterways, and offers reliable, cost-effective power.


Work Vest
Kent Safety Products
Booth 2561

A-33 Automatic In-Sight Inflatable Work Vest
• USCG Approved Type V Work Vest • Automatically inflates upon immersion in water • Extended Fit: 30" - 65" chest • Heavy duty coated fabric • Stainless steel dual adjustments • 31 sq inches of SOLAS grade reflective material on cover & bladder


A3 Splice
Lankhorst Ropes
Booth 142

A3 splice
The A3 splice of Lankhorst Ropes is lighter, stronger and smaller than traditional splices, and has 100% efficiency, which means no loss in rope strength due to splicing. It makes rope handling easier and enables single person rope handling.


Livorsi Performance Controls
Livorsi Marine Inc
Booth 3475

Livorsi Performance Controls
Electric, mechanical or hybrid models. The use of mechanical 33C or 43C cables for mechanical levers. Electric configurations use compact direct driven angular sensors, volt electronic sensors or PWM signal. Uses a micro switch for electronic transmission shifting on buckets.


NCP Coatings Inc
Booth 4079

SiloxoGrip was formulated by the Navy Research Laboratory then scaled up and manufactured by NCP Coatings. SiloxoGrip is a step up with improved performance, greatly enhanced durability and extended life cycle. The Polysiloxane backbone of this coating provides many benefits.


Defibrillator Kit LLC
Booth 2863

Commercial Vessel Defibrillator Kit
The Commercial Vessel Defibrillator Kit, configured by OceanMedix, designed for the rugged marine environment, combines the industry-leading, robust Philips HeartStart FRx Automated External Defibrillator ( AED ), essential supplies, spare pads and spare battery, all in a compact waterproof case.


Pedley NetsPedley Nets
Booth 4104

Pedley Nets
Custom Made - Industrial Safety "Fall Protection"; Helicopter Cargo; Helipad: Tie-Down; Barrier & Containment; and Gangway Nets


Performance Diesel Inc
Booth 1802

Hyundai All Seas Marine
Hyundai SeasAll announces its new S270, a 270 hp V6 with 57.6 kg•m torque. The engine comes from the 2nd generation 3 litre powerplant used in Hyundai automobiles. The 24 valve cylinder head features common rail direct injection (CRDi).


MotorPowertec Industrial Motors
Booth 1065

POWERTEC Industrial Motors manufactures reliable, high performance Brushless Motors for the US Military, ABS OR DNV Classification and Work Boat Applications. Whenever motor size, efficiency and/or performance matter…POWERTEC delivers. For help with difficult motor application requirements, contact POWERTEC.


Snapp Filter
Racor Division of Parker Hannifin
Booth 2550

SNAPP Fuel Filter Water Separator
The SNAPP fuel filter water separator is big protection for small engines up to 26 gph. Fast, easy, clean; no tools needed for filter changeouts. Engineered with legendary Aquabloc filter media. Protecting your engine investment is now a SNAPP.


Navigation Display
Raymarine Inc
Booth 2237

gS195 Glass Bridge Multifunction Navigation Display
Raymarine’s 19-inch gS195 Multifunction Display meets the needs of demanding captains looking for integrated navigation with unprecedented flexibility. Powered by our simple LightHouse II operating system with multi-touch, the gS195 provides stunning views of charts, radar, sonar and more.


Renold Coupling
Renold Hi-Tec Couplings
Booth 3809

Renold HTB-MP Coupling
The HTB-MP is a second-generation flexible coupling featuring low weight and inertia, while retaining the unrivalled quality expected of Renold Hi-Tec Couplings. The intrinsically failsafe design ensures continuous operation of the driveline in the unlikely event of rubber damage.


Ballast Water Management System TestingRetlif Testing Laboratories
Booth 1047

Ballast Water Management System Components Testing to 46 CFR Part 162.060-30
Retlif Testing Laboratories is part of a partnership to evaluate and test technologies designed to treat ballast water on board ships against non-native aquatic species in American coastal waters, lakes and rivers. The USCG developed regulations to limit the release of live organisms and to reduce the risks associated with the spread of aquatic invasive species. Retlif will complete testing of the electrical and electronic components, including each alarm, control and monitoring device, of the BWMS.


K100 Fuel Treatment
Rumble Bee Distribution
Booth 3367

K100 Fuel Treatment
K100 Fuel Treatments are proprietary formulations of complex engineered organic compounds developed to eliminate water in fuels, remove gums and varnishes and stabilize fuel, add lubricity and corrosion protection and boost cetane/octane ratings.



Safe Edge
Booth 3751

SafeEdge is an innovative system that allows the manhole to be a safe place for the crew and your equipment. Enabling them to perform at there best, SafeEdge by Rustibus is always committed to protect you most valuable assets.


Seakeeper 5
Booth 743

Seakeeper 5
The Seakeeper 5 is designed to achieve 70 to 90% roll reduction on boats up to 20 tons (control algorithms optimized for vessels under 50ft).


Sheas Logo
Shea Capability & Compliance Solutions
Booth 4150

Assessor in the Workplace Training
This course is designed to teach individuals how workplace standards are applied for assessing others, to determine if they meet the technical requirements of their job. Those who attend will be assessed against the Assessor Standard to confirm if competent.


Sea Guard App
Booth 2842

SeaGuard App
The SeaGuard app provides coating recommendations for VLCC/VLBCs, chemical tankers and OSV/PSVs. It’s designed to help port engineers and fleet managers access accurate and up-to-date coatings information. It demonstrates Sherwin-Williams’ commitment to service and logistical support for its customers.


Elastic Vibration Damping Mortar
Sika Services AG
Booth 464

Sikafloor® Marine VEM Visco-Elastic Vibration Damping Mortar
• Iscocyanate Free!! • 1- Component Polymer Modified Cement • Remarkable Vibration Damping • Great Pumpability • No Dangerous Goods • Non Corrosive • Ready to Walk on in 8 – 12 Hours


Simrad ECDIS Screen Shot
Simrad - Navico
Booth 1713

Simrad CS40 ECDIS
Built to meet the diverse navigational requirements of coastal fishing vessels, workboats, super yachts and merchant vessels the New Simrad ECDIS system is designed to meet IMO regulations with a modern, easy to learn user interface and priced very competitively.


Explosively Welded Products
Souriau - PA&E
Booth 463

Explosively Welded Maritime Components
Our explosive welding process permanently joins otherwise incompatible metals - like aluminum and stainless - with no galvanic corrosion issues. This material can be used as weld transitions or fabricated into components like tie-downs, deck drains, spray nozzles, and more.


Powerboat Jacket
Stearns, a Coleman Company
Booth 3902

Stearns Powerboat Jacket
Stearns "Newly Designed" Bomber-style float coats combine flotation and warmth into one comfortable jacket. New Integrated Hood Nylon Outershell PVC Foam Water-resistant construction Multiple Pockets Updated radio pocket and microphone clip Minimum 15.5lbs buoyancy 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material SOLAS Grade 6755


Steyr Diesel Hybrid
Steyr Motors
Booth 3352

STEYR MOTORS Marine Diesel Hybrid
STEYR MOTORS GmbH originated from the former Steyr-Daimler-Puch group and has a worldwide reputation of being an innovative, Austrian high-power Marine Diesel engine manufacturer. In 2008, STEYR MOTORS started production of the world's first parallel hybrid drive system (HDS).


Thrustmaster of Texas Inc
Booth 1436

Thrustmaster DOEN Waterjets 400 Series
Thrustmaster is introducing two new models to the DOEN waterjet product lineup. The 400 series range of Thrustmaster DOEN waterjets are available in two model sizes and will extend the power range from 100kW to 6,400kW.


Intercom Systems
Tiger Performance Products Inc
Booth 239

Waterproof Intercom Systems
TIGER Waterproof Intercom Systems with Wireless Phone Features and Digital Sound Suppression (DSP) Designed for High-Noise Environments, Mil Spec components and Multiple Radio Switching Remote Headset/Helmet Radio Kits Available with VOX and Bluetooth Wireless features.


VanguardVersitec Marine & Industrial
Booth 1036

Vanguard Seals
Vanguard Seals are designed for all challenging vessel scenarios.
Vanguard: Oil Lubricated
Vanguard-T: Thruster Seal
Vanguard-W: Water Lubricated
**Versiton FKM used in the sealing rings is custom developed to work with ALL Oils including EAL OILS (required under the VGP)


Mega Press
Viega LLC
Booth 451

Viega’s introduces MegaPress® their latest marine approved pipe fitting for IPS carbon steel Sched 40 pipe installed with a battery tool. Founded in 1899, the Viega Group manufactures and distributes the world’s best shipbuilding and offshore flameless pipe joining systems.


Portable Power for Welding
Walther Electric
Booth 854

Portable Power Distribution for Welding Applications by Walther Electric
Walther Electric introduces a robust portable power distribution system designed for welding and shipyard applications. The enclosure is constructed of a heavy duty vulcanized rubber with 480V, 200A input, 200A main switch, 6-30A L16-30 outputs with breaker protection.


Zelda PumpWindTrans Systems Ltd
Booth 567

ZELDA -an evolutionary PUMP-capable of pumping 90 GALS/MIN by HAND-SELF PRIMING-lift 27 ft.@ 200 rpm-375 gals @250 rpm. Zelda operates forward or reverse; therefore easy to clear restricted inlet. Ideal for DEWATER VESSELS - pumping fuel-EMERGENCY- fire support.






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