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Take an exclusive look at the hottest new products and services that were featured at the 2013 International WorkBoat Show. Check back soon for 2014 new products.

Jet Master Pro
Advance Cutting Systems
Booth 3973

Jetmaster JM-510 Combo
Advance Cutting Systems is pleased to introduce the JM-510 Combination Abrasive Waterjet / Plasma Cutting System. Utilizing the Hypertherm Suite of Plasma, Pump, Control and Software this machine offers fabricators maximum productivity at an economical price!

Advanced Logistics Logo
Advanced Logistics
Booth 3064

SAMM.Preventer V4
Advanced Logistics’ SAMM.Preventer V4 will include many new enhancements. In addition to the existing independent marine application on the vessel, V4 will include a web version. Internet enabled vessels will have the ability to access the application via the web.

Water Hydraulics
BOC Water Hydraulics
Booth 464

Water Hydraulics
Water and water based hydraulic systems and components including HPU's, contol valves and cylinders designed for marine applications. Oil to water conversions for envioromentally safe equipment operation. Proven technology operating in severe service applications in other industries.

Britmar LED Lights
Britmar Marine Ltd
Booth 2852

TL40S / PX108
We have developed a new range of LED marine luminaires using extremely efficient 130lm/W LED boards and took on a new range of powerful industrial grade LED floodlights capable of producing up to >100,000 lm.


Vibration Isolator
Christie & Grey Inc
Booth 229

TSC T15 Vibration Isolator
Introducing the smallest member of the Christie & Grey TSC family. Superior performance now extends all the way down to 100kg. These cost-effective, long lasting spring and rubber isolators provide high horizontal to vertical stiffness ratios across the range.

Hi Lift Rudder
CT Marine
Booth 1636

This Rudder is specifically designed for Commercial Work Boats. Model tests confirm a minimum of 28% greater steering force compared to a conventional foiled rudder. This rudder is retro-fit-able and requires no modification in the rudder-room. Made in USA.

Enfasco Spiral Insert
Enfasco Inc.
Booth 2767

Series 151 Spiral Insert
Heavy Duty, High performance Blind threaded spiral inserts for the Marine industry. Molded or Bonded in fiberglass, Honeycomb, carbon fiber substrates. Extremely high torque out and pull out. Applications are for ship interiors, transom, and exterior attachments.

Digital Rudder Angle Indicator
Engine Monitor Inc
Booth 2742

Digital Rudder Angle Indicator
EMI’s digital meter line includes our Digital Rudder Angle Indicator, designed to simplify steering calibration. The dimmable 3.5” TFT color display features selectable day/night modes. Models are currently available for 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, ±10VDC or potentiometer input signals.

Booth 746

Earth/Ground Stainless Steel Braids
ERICO offers high-quality earth/ground stainless steel braids for use in extremely corrosive environments. These 316L stainless steel braids offer superior abrasion, corrosion, chemical and UV resistance. They are easy to install, with no additional cutting, stripping, crimping and punching needed.

Floscan Flowmeter
Floscan Instrument Co
Booth 1702

Series K Stainless Steel Flowmeter
FloScan has recently obtained ABS Product Design Assessment certification for its new line of Series K Stainless Steel Fuel Flowmeters. This certification permits the installation of FloScan Fuel Monitoring Systems on ABS-classed vessels requiring steel piping components.


GE Marine Engine
GE Transportation/Marine
Booth 3228

GE Marine, leader in emission reduction technology, will show the new 12 cylinder V250 medium speed marine diesel engine as part of the new model lineup that meets upcoming EPA Tier 4i and IMO Tier III emissions without SCR exhaust.

Hoist Cam
GM Engineering Services, LLC
Booth 934

Eliminate Blind Spots, Increase Safety and Improve Productivity for Cranes and Vessels

Gulf Crane Services logo
Gulf Crane Services
Booth 4012

Rack & Pinion Telescopic Boom Cranes
GCS has facilities to repair; rebuild; overhaul; paint; machine; fabricate; weld; hydraulic repair; OEM or custom hydraulic hose and tube manufacturing; component repairs; testing cranes, associated components and support equipment. We can perform many functions at customer locations onsite, on-shore or offshore.

Heinzmann FuelMacs
Booth 3945

The FuelMACS Fuel Performance System is designed for fuel and energy performance management. Depending on end user requirements the system can incorporate functionality for fuel consumption management, vessel performance management, engine performance management and hull performance management.

AIS  Module
Innovative Marine Safety
Booth 319

Blue Box AIS Module
Blue Box AIS Module lets you record AIS data, throttle position, rudder position, engine rpm and swing position giving you a complete picture of vessel operation.


Kahlenberg Sound and Light Controller
Kahlenberg Industries Inc
Booth 1919

M-522 Horn and Light Signal Control
The new M-522 Sound and Light Control significantly improves safety by producing automatic sound and light signals required by IMO and SOLAS with a simpler, more user friendly control panel. Produces restricted visibility codes, maneuvering codes, general alarm, and more.

V Display
KEP Marine
Booth 2212

KEP V-Displays
KEP-Marine introduces Veedims groundbreaking operational platform to the marine market, enabling mariners to manage, control and operate any collection of sensors, electrical and electronic devices on any vessel or fleet, while significantly minimizing weight, installation labor and cost.

Strong Line
Lankhorst Ropes
Booth 3877

Strongline A3 splice
The Seatrade award winning Strongline A3 rope splice of Lankhorst Ropes sets the standard for ease of rope handling and splice strength. The splice has 100% efficiency; and is lighter, stronger and smaller than traditional splices.

Stitching Pins
Lock-N-Stitch Inc
Booth 560

Castmaster C2.5 Stitching pins
These award-winning stitching pins are used in structural repairs or when no spreading pressure is acceptable. Cracks on inside or outside corners, cracks into bolt holes, core plug holes, inspection holes, pipe thread holes and many other areas where strength must be replaced can be repaired with these pins.

Logan Clutch Direct Drive PTO
Logan Clutch Corp
Booth 3410

Direct Drive PTO
The Logan 1500 Series Direct Drive PTO mounts on the front of most main and auxiliary Engines and can transmit up to 2500 lb. ft. of torque. Ideal for Auxiliary drives, thrusters, FiFi applications. Air/fluid actuated from bridge or wheelhouse.

MAN Diesel Engine
MAN Engines & Components Inc
Booth 1614

MAN Marine Diesel Engines
MAN introduces its proven worldwide reliability, efficiency, and powerful compact design to the US workboat market with its new "V" series marine diesel engines for commercial applications with EPA Tier 3 certification.

Mariner DPSS
Marathon Electric Generation
Booth 1442

Mariner DEP/SS 570
Marathon's Mariner DEP/SS 570 frame covers 375KW thru 625KW. The form coil design incorporates all key performance features of the DEP/SS. The generator is specifically designed for marine engine power applications that don't require Tier 4 compliance.

Mustang Life Jacket
Mustang Survival Inc
Booth 2551

4-ONE SOLAS Life Jacket
The FIRST and ONLY lifejacket to have earned four regulatory approvals in one compact design, Mustang Survival is proud to announce the all new 4-ONE. The design scores highly on compact storage, easy donning and in-water performance. Sizes: Adult, Child


MYMIC logo
Booth 452

Shipyard/ Boatyard/ Marina/ Fire Safety Training
Immersive training in virtual environments. Interactive and engaging. Provide a safe environment for employees to train for dangerous work situations in virtual world, an environment where it is OK to make a mistake without hurting the employee or business.

Effer Cranes
North American Lifting Equipment - Effer Cranes
Booth 337

EFFER Marine Cranes
EFFER articulating cranes are available in sizes from 3.5 TxM to 275 TxM while telescopic cranes are offered from 40 TxM to 240 TxM. All are suitable for shipboard and off-shore applications.


Pilot Boat
North River Boats
Booth 4073

40' Pilot Boat
North River Boats will display the latest 40' Pilot Boat at IWBS. Ranging from 38' to 45' our Pilot Boats have years of service in the field. Come see the latest improvements including wider beam, taller sides and more…

Strong Box Pullman
Panel Specialists Inc./Thermax
Booth 2451

StrongBox Aluminum Furniture
PSI marries style to function in metal furniture for marine and offshore living quarters. Pullman Sofa Beds, integrated personal lockers, and lightweight...All offering a postformed softedge and powdercoat woodgrain finish. See how great your quarters will look at Booth 2451.

Phoenix Products Eco Mod
Phoenix Products Company Inc
Booth 2752

EcoMod™ Series
The EcoMod™ Series offers modular, surface-mounted LED floodlights available in 150W and 300W. Up to 25,000 lumens. Various optical packages available. Marine-grade construction and hardware. Stainless steel harp with 360° rotation. IP66 rated. UL 1598 and 1598A. ABS. Extremely repairable.

Scania Engine
Scania USA Inc
Booth 1802

Scania Engines (EPA Tier 3)
Scania’s 16-liter V8 and the 13-liter inline six-cylinder engines will be showcased in booth 1802. The engines are based on Scania's new state-of-the-art modular engine platform, which is used for marine, industrial and power generation applications worldwide.

Sperre Coolers
Sperre Coolers AS
Booth 1563

Rack & Pleat Coolers
Sperre Coolers is introducing two new lines of heat exchangers aimed primarily at the OSV market - Rack Coolers and Pleat Coolers. These unique cooling solutions have significantly reduced footprints and maintenance costs.

Stearns Immersion Suit
Booth 3902

Stearns® Thermashield™ 24+
The Thermashield™ immersion suit takes cold water survival to new limits. Designed for the roughest seas where rescue may not be immediate, the suit’s patented technology uses exhaled body heat to help extend chances of survival longer than current models.

Stern Master Motor Stand
SternMaster Marine Tools
Booth 3872

Large Outboard Service Stand ME-110
An ideal heavy duty solution for servicing large 300+ hp motors, or up to 800lbs. locking casters allow for easy movement and additional stability. Doubles as a display in your show room or trade show booth, or use for storage.



Tribotech Composites
Booth 3835

Sleeve & Spherical Bearings for Deck & Material Handling Equipment
Tribotech Composites manufacturers self-lubricating sleeve & spherical bearings as well as cylinder wear rings from a polyester resin fabric matrix, that offer grease-less/maintenance-free performance, resistance to corrosion and seizing, and exceptionally high load bearing capability.

Universal Sonar Mount
Universal Sonar Mount
Booth 249

Universal Sonar Mount
The Universal Sonar Mount is designed for easy setup, fast operation and to standardize sonar mounts between vessels. USM features quick swing up and down, a calibrated breakaway design, electrically isolated parts and flange adapters for any sonar.


CAN Compact View
VDO Instrumentation
Booth 2107

CAN CompactView 270
The VDO CAN CompactView 270 is a robust IP67 12/24V 2.7" CAN J1939 protocol display capable of displaying your choice of data in single, dual and quad screen modes via the 4 'soft key' buttons.


Centrobase 420
VDO Instrumentation
Booth 2107

Centrobase 400
The VDO Centrobase 400 is a single 110mm, IP67 multi-function gauge that can support both J1939 and analog inputs. Engine data is displayed via the analog style pointer, multi segment LCD display and 27 telltales.


LED Worklights
W.F. Harris Lighting, Inc.
Booth 1160

Portable LED Worklights
Heavy duty portable LED worklights with battery backup. Charges on 120V AC. Burn time up to 5 hours with new batteries. Employee safety being forefront, the fixture is rustproof and impact resistant. Housing and lens carry Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

W & O
Booth 1818

SeaCor™ by Georg Fisher Piping Systems
SeaCor™ by Georg Fisher Piping Systems, the only USCG approved plastic piping, is ideal for fresh, grey and/or black water systems. It meets IMO A753 (18) part 5, for low flame spread, including part 2, for low smoke and toxicity.


WaveBlade PowerShark
Booth 3910

Waveblade Technologies introduces it's first to market power fouling remover. Boasts a completely submersible battery pack tool kit solution for underwater or yard use. Safely vibrates unwanted calcareous materials off surfaces using patented Resonant Wave Technology without damaging underlying substrates.




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