November 28 - 30, 2018

Sperre Industri AS

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Sperre Industri AS

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Sperre X-Range Starting & Emergency Air Compressors

The Sperre X-Range compressor offers a number of innovative and improved features. In short, the X-range brings the field of specialized compressors a great step forward to a new level of efficiency. That means considerable savings throughout the lifetime of your compressor system.Offered as both Air & Water-Cooled, we can supply 9~440 m³/hr @ 30 bar.

Sperre Air Receivers - 40 bar

Sperre supplies air receivers according to standard drawings, in sizes from 30 to 10,000 litres. The working pressure ranges from 7 to 40 bar.All standard tanks are supplied in both horizontal and vertical configurations

Sperre's Customized Solutions

Customized solutions according to customer specifications.We build and deliver the equipment as specified, complete with piping, tanks and electrical systems – tested, classified and ready for plug-in installation.Sperre has supplied special high-pressure tanks to seismic ships and offshore installations, where the working pressure has been up to 300 bar.

Sperre Pleat Coolers

With the Sperre Pleat coolers in a variety of sizes we can offer effective solutions for central cooling, auxiliary, and various combinations of engine cooling.

Sperre Rack Coolers

Sperre Rack coolers are specifically designed for offshore vessels. The Rack cooler solution provides the benefits of both box and plate coolers – without the disadvantages of either system.

Sperre Tube Cooler / Heat Exchanger

Sperre has specialized its production of heat exchangers to enable customized solutions based on standard heat exchanger models. Sperre offers more than 200 standard models of shell and tube heat exchangers with cooling surfaces from 0.2 to 350 m2.

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