November 28 - 30, 2018

Daspos USA, Inc.

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4444 NE Sunset Blvd.
Suite # 2 -023
Renton, WA. 98059
United States
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Daspos USA, Inc.

The DASPOS LAS-10 - Leakage Alarm System is an Atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection for the open engine room spaces - I.e. early warning system. Our dual detection technology is based on channeling very large air flows through a detection chamber and a specially designed filter. The electronics in the Detector simultaneously combine and analyze the content of both hydrocarbons and oil mists/sprays – a sudden change in either hydrocarbon content or differential pressure across the filter is detected, triggering a warning to the crew. Our system provides the following benefits: 1. Allows for monitoring of up to 48 different areas simultaneously, with individual settings and alarm conditions. 2. Suitable for fuel oils (HFO, DO, MGO), hydraulic oils and lubricating oils. 3. Detection of both airborne oil mists and hydrocarbon vapors. 4. Allows for monitoring of large areas without human interference 5. High reliability, easy maintenance, no false alarms!

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