November 28 - 30, 2018

Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

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PO Box 6417
1993 Moreland Parkway, Suite 202
Annapolis, MD. 21401
United States
Booth #2014

Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

Cygnus Instruments manufactures the world’s “original” digital multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges.  Cygnus Instruments began in 1983.  Multiple echo means that coatings do not have to be removed in order to measure the metal.  Cygnus gauges give accurate, verified thickness measurements. Cygnus also had worked as marine surveyors specializing in large oil carriers for over 40 years giving us tremendous knowledge of marine corrosion inspections.  Cygnus offers a variety of metal thickness gauges for the marine industry both topside/shipyard and underwater. Also provided are Ultrasonic Leak Detectors, Hatch Cover Leak Detectors and coating thickness gauges by Fischer Technologies.

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