November 28 - 30, 2018

Creative Systems, Inc.

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PO Box 1910
Port Townsend, WA. 98368
United States
Booth #2260

Creative Systems, Inc.

GHS is the first computer software created to simulate vessels for Naval Architects (NAs), Project and Marine Engineers (PEs & MEs ) to address all vessel types in: designing, building, launching, operating and maintaining, modifying / retrofitting, as well as salvaging: ships, barges, boats, buoys, docks, dredgers, drilling platforms, semi-submersibles, shipyards, submarines, yachts, and other vessels with cargo(s) of: bulk, cable, container, communication & drilling equipment, gas, grain, off-shore, passenger, pipe-laying, research, tanks, vehicles, etc. providing: buoyancy, stability, and trim; load monitoring, intact and damage stability analysis, as well as probabilistic damage analysis. Moreover, GHS software does the standards by all the issuing agencies, many of which Creative Systems participated in making these standards; and goes well beyond these standards, which is why salvors use GHS. Creative Systems, Inc. has been there forming changes to NA software since we created it. A new product in GHS, titled RENDER.WIZ will come out in the 2017 release of GHS version 15.50. See booth 2258 for details. Again, it goes beyond the normal 3-D rendered view of vessels. And of course any and all updates will happen in GHS Version 15.50. Else, contact for further explanation.

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