November 28 - 30, 2018

Big Top Fabric Structures

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3255 North U.S. 19
Perry, FL. 32347
United States
Booth #2850

Big Top Fabric Structures

For over 30 years, Big Top Fabric Structures has enabled clients to protect valuable assets, provide comfortable production environments and procure the resources needed to grow and prosper. Our custom built fabric structures are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, while ensuring that your business needs are met, from covering large land-based refit projects to enclosing valuable cargo. Big Top fabric structures can be used for many different marine applications such as: Marine Refit - Dry Docks - Warehouses - Boat Storage & Repair - Paint & Blast - Etc...

Products & Services


Boat Building / Repair

  • Barge Building and Repair
  • Boat Building and Repairs
  • Construction
  • Shipyard


  • Blasting Equipment

Pollution Control / Environmental Services

  • Environmental Services

Boat Building Supplies

  • Boat Building Materials
  • Structural Fab Equipment
  • Ventilation Systems

Naval Architects / Marine Engineers

  • Naval Architects
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