November 28 - 30, 2018

Columbia Industrial Products (CIP Composites)

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29538 Airport Road, Unit A
Eugene, OR. 97402
United States
Booth #833

Columbia Industrial Products (CIP Composites)

Columbia Industrial Products custom manufactures and supplies high quality, reliable laminate composite bearing materials ideal for replacing bronze in marine environments. CIP Composites are self-lubricating for stern tubes, rudders, propellers, stabilizer, deck machinery, doors/hatches and more. CIP stern tube and rudder bearings are approved by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). CIP manufactures thrust washers, as well as wear pads for guide strips, and slipway pads.

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Boat Building / Repair

  • Boat Building and Repairs

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

Boat Building Supplies

  • Bearings

Propulsion / Power

  • Propulsion
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