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FarSounder Inc

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151 Lavan Street
Warwick, RI. 02888
United States
Booth #1017

FarSounder Inc

FarSounder is a world leader in the design, manufacture, & sales of forward looking sonar [FLS] systems that enable mariners to detect underwater obstacles such as navigation hazards, shallow bottoms, & underwater threats such as divers/mini-subs. FarSounder products include advanced long range navigation and provide real-time imagery of what's ahead. Radar, depth sounders, ECDIS, & electronics charts with GPS are missing an important piece of information: What is under the water in front of my ship right now? FLS systems provide this missing piece of the puzzle. Our systems have now been integrated into the Transas Navi-Sailor 4000. Our security products see underwater threats regardless of the water's clarity. When a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving the system; allowing you to focus on your next move. Look ahead with a FarSounder because your Radar can't see through water, your charts don't know what has changed, & your depth sounder looks down, not forward.

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